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uconnect 12 inch

  1. FinzUp_

    2022 8.4 to 12inch screen swap

    Has anyone swapped out the 8 to a 12 inch screen yet? Looking to do this in my big horn... any help appreciated! Mainly looking for what parts would be needed.
  2. B-Ryan

    Uconnect Failed activation, now in shop for the second time

    Currently on day 3 (cumulatively day 4) of not having my 2022 1500 Limited Longhorn because the Uconnect module will not communicate with the Ram Connected servers. It will not activate and when I went through the troubleshooting with Ram Connected my system locked up and wouldn't do anything...
  3. A

    Replacing faulty radio on 2019 Ram 1500

    Just wanted to share my recent experience of the radio going out in my 19 Ram. Went to start the truck one morning and everything came on but the radio, messed around pressing some buttons and tried to do a reset and nothing worked. Took it to my local dodge dealership where I had to pay the...
  4. RamKid2001

    Uconnect Software Update Error

    I’ve been getting this error message and my dealership can’t “recreate it” which is so stupid how if something can’t be mimicked then they won’t fix it. Anyways I’ve attached the picture below, has anyone had any luck doing an update and fixing this on their own?
  5. J

    Uconnect 5 swap

    Just joined the forum. Currently looking to purchase a 20-21' 1500 (Big Horn or Laramie) OR new 22' Big Horn/Laramie. Only reason I would lean towards new is because of the new connect 5 on 12inch screen. My question or dilemma is are you able to swap or buy a new infotainment 12 inch Screen...
  6. Guysramrebel

    12 inch unconnect question

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my 8.4 inch nav screen to a 12.1 inch screen from infotainment.com everything works great but I have been battling uconnect to stop sending me updates for the 8.4 screen and to switch it to the 12.1 updates. Uconnect says only my dealer can do it and guess what the...
  7. C

    2020 Radio Switching Am,Fm,Sat every couple seconds

    Cannot listen to anything it automatically changes modes. The mute,screen off buttons are not working either.Dealer replaced radio unit and its doing same now they are waiting on something else to try! Anybody have an idea what could be wrong instead of poking and hoping!
  8. J

    Sirius XM on 12" Uconnect - Favorite Songs/Artists

    To start, I got a 2020 Ram 1500 Limited. Noticed on its uConnect that there is no list to see favorites that are currently on through XM. I did googling and came across a post here (https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/favorite-songs-artists-xm.12469/post-217523) where someone had said that...
  9. SilasB

    Your RAM, Android, Ring Camera app, glitch

    Sitting in my truck, cranked up the Ring app on my phone (android 11) to see live view. Motion alarm had kicked off. Pressing Live View in the Ring app caused UConnect to dial my cell phone, or at least try to. I was very confused trying to juggle phone and answer what I thought was an incoming...
  10. Marios1120

    Sirius resetting on start

    Hi, I have the Uconnect 12 inch in my 2020 Laramie. Just happen yesterday, when I turn on the truck all my Sirius presets were gone as well as my favorites. I tried to add a listener but my name does not show up. In pic 1 this is what it use to look like, now is pic 2, screens changed. Contacted...
  11. SexyJustice

    12 Inch Uconnect completely unresponsive

    Hi guys, A few months ago I did the dreaded OTA update on my 19 Laramie Sport. Since then it has progressively developed issues over the last few months. Namely, the "Loading Sirusxm Please Wait" screen lock bug happens to me at least a couple of times a week. However, this evening I ran into a...
  12. B

    Uconnect 12 inch GPS Sirius XM not working

    I have a 2019 dodge RAM 2500 with Cummins diesel and 12” Uconnect. The Sirius XM quit working and the GPS Registers hundreds of miles from where we really are. The compass shows we are going in a totally different direction than we are going. We’ve done several restarts and waited up to 10...