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i have a rebel like yours how did you remove that back cover behind that grill.some one here on this site said its held on with little clips that can be remove by hand..any tips for my?...thanks
hey "Patsy"..brother.i have bought a "Litebar" im going to have it install to the bottom mesh grill.i have a rebel.so my is enclosed.one member here said his was that way and just remove the surrounding clips.but the back of my sensors will be expose!! o_O.would i have to get a special mesh grill.cant see why they had to make them different.....If it makes a difference:unsure:.
I typed to much :D gonna pm you
Also is there a winch you would recommend with your mounting system? Such as easiest install and wiring to the truck? The one you used in your demo looked nice. I don't have a winch I'm open to any model for ease of installation and operation. Thanks.
VICE design
VICE design
bang for buck I recommend the Smittybilt X20 Comp in either the 10,000 lb or 12,000 lb size. Most opt for the 12,000 lb version - it has a bit more power. General rule of thumb is 2.5 x vehicle weight. Of course with a snatch block you can get away with a smaller winch. This winch comes with a handy wireless controller that works nicely with this kit.
VICE design
VICE design
The VR 10s and 12s are also nice winches. They come prespooled with line, and the clutch actuator turns a little bit smoother when compared to the smitty. They have a waterproof and dust protection rating of IP67, while the smittybilt housing is rated more waterproof at IP68.