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Just picked up my 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn / Lone Star, Black, 5.7 HEMI, 3.92 gears, 4x4, Crew Cab. Still learning what all she has on it. not many bells and whistles but she is a truck and now I can get my travel trailer.
Question. I saw several posts about the 3.5” sst lift and I found several threads that stated if your 2020 rebel was 22.5” or less in front from center of hub to fender lip you were ok to install full kit. Mine measured right at 22.5”. I had the full kit installed but now that I got it back I’m worried about cv angles. They seem too steep to me but I’m a rookie. Thoughts
i just read that you are looking to unload your Borla touring exhaust. what are Specs? how much are you thinking? and also you said so cal where at in SoCal?
Seen you painted your tow hooks, I just got mine ordered and picked up some red implement paint for farm equipment in a spray can. Any prep work or can I spray paint them on top of the power coating?
I'd at least give them a good scrub with some mineral spirits just to thwart any wax or silicone treatments that may have been applied.
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Decided to leave them black, maybe if I get tired of them I’ll take em off and paint em down the road.
I have the 2020 1500 w/o RamBox but do have the MFT. Did you have to replace the front corner brackets when installing your MX4?