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2019 1500 laramie longhorn $60,000 dollar truck brake squeal been to dealer 4 tis and stilot fixed I drive for Uber and Lyft 25 passengers per day. You should see the look on their faces when they hear the squeal. Really frustrated over the way RAM is getting this problem resolved FCA has a complaint filed with them and it's not being handled like one would think it should. FCA really doesn't care the way this is sad
Hey can you help me. I have a base 2019 6 speaker system with ANC, I want to install a amp, new speakers and a sub. will that wiring harness you posted work? also where do I run the wires from the amp to speakers? in that connector?
Heil-Pilot, do you fly CH-53 OR CH-47's?
I wish! Primarily have flown single light turbines. SA341 Gazelle, EC120, Schweitzer 333, UH1, MD 500/530, etc. Would love to fly something like a CH or Blackhawk.
Do/did you fly?