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Hey guys, This 2019 Ram is the most love hate truck relationship I ever had with this Uconnet system. I should have waited to buy this truck but after my 2002 Ram TrunderRoad got total lost none of the previous year trucks moved me till this 2019 design with that said the flashing of the screen after phone calls or text massages ramdom screen restarts and or blank screen with no back-up vison 3rd trip to the dealer
I have a 19 Ram 1500 with 190 miles that I just posted a pic of that is literally exactly like yours. I thought transmission at first, but I have very little mechanical knowledge. After a little research, rear main seal.

I will call dealer in AM, but may I ask what advice you would have for me? They may "fix" it but as far as I am concerned, it is now worthless.