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Our new 2021 RAM 1500 North edition. It had 241 miles on it when purchased at the end of April and now has just over 1,200 miles on it. I was shocked to see this and the paint scraped down to the bare metal on the underside of the cab. We really like this truck and I want to love it, but only if it’s made right.


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Speaker static issue on my two week old Ram Limited Night Edition. Started on 400 mile trip today. Static seems to be in a speaker to the right of the driver. Very similar to all the other posts. 2,500 miles on the truck. I will go to the local dealer to formalize and register the problem tomorrow.
Saw your reply to my 30Apr order. Thinking same, maybe we got in just under the deadline. Have you heard anything more from the dealer on your order?
Not yet other than getting the VIN. Who'd you order through? I went with Aaron at Mark Dodge. It'll be interesting to see who gets theirs first lol
Phillip Olson at Auburn Dodge WA. They are checking on mine now. If you got a VIN then it's definitely a 2021 build.