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rough country

  1. P

    Does rough country 2” level require anything else?

    I’m about to get a 2” level struts added to my 22 bighorn and I’m really not comfortable with the idea of not knowing if I need to add anything else. They (dealership) will be doing an alignment as well but is there anything I need to be concerned about? Any help or tips about this would be...
  2. Tatanka_ram

    hello from Australia

    howdy all, my name is Kaze i am currently living in Perth western Australia, i am originally from Hollister North Carolina, and have relocated for work since 2001. this is my 2021 limited 1500 ram, imported and converted here in Australia, the American truck scene has taken off here and...
  3. Volunteer1589

    Rough Country 3.5 Installed

    Hey y’all, Installed the Rough Country 3.5 lift today with the lifted struts and upper control arms. I went with the N3 shocks as opposed to the upgraded V2. RC N3 are supposed to be close to stock and so far I have no complaints. The ride is excellent. I had a RC 3.5 on an older Silverado and...
  4. 21_Tank

    Installed an S&B Cold Air Intake

    Installed this S&B CAI yesterday on my 21 1500. The filter is pretty large and it definitely sounds good on acceleration, although these aren't as loud and throaty as an open CAI, I felt this will offer a little more protection from the elements. I've done quite a few mods to the truck since it...
  5. Jasond78

    6" readylift on 2020 Bighorn ecodiesel w/ Rough Country Adj Coilovers - and yes you can lift them

    If you've got a 5th gen ecodiesel and have wanted to install a full lift kit, then you've probably noticed that all of the reputable manufacturers state"not for diesel or ecodiesel" somewhere in the bottom of the fine print. Before i bought my lift, I even contacted some companies and asked...
  6. C

    Rough Country 2" Level vs Rough Country 2" Leveling Strut Kit

    I'm having a tough time deciding as this is my first level kit I want to buy for my 2021 Ram Sport. I want to only level my truck 2" as I don't want to start spending crazy money or having to get the kits with the control arms etc. I've read all the reviews on RC website for both items, but...
  7. L

    Rough Country Light Kits

    Curious if anyone has either of these on their trucks and what they think about them. https://www.roughcountry.com/ram-led-grille-kit-70783c.html?&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs-O9woLi7wIVrP3jBx3A_AaKEAQYASABEgKeg_D_BwE#280=535 https://www.roughcountry.com/ram-led-bumper-kit-70779c.html#280=535
  8. Bignick75

    Rough Country 3.5”

    Have any of you guys had or know of any issues running the rough country 3.5 (with replacement struts, not spacers) on the Rebels? I know of issues with using the 1” taller factory bilstein struts in combination with the RC spacers up front, but am wondering if running the kit with the upgraded...
  9. nvw00

    Does the BDS or RC lift kit for the 2020 fit a 2021 Ram 1500 W/Air Ride (5.7L)?

    Does anyone know if the BDS 4" lift or the RC 5" lift are compatible with a 2021 Ram 1500 limited with the 5.7L gas engine? Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. N

    Rebel Rough Country 5” Air Suspension Lift

    I just got my 2020 Rebel with air suspensionI’m looking at doing the RC 5” Air Ride Lift. I read on here seems to be a good lift. Anyone with ride quality differences? Also debating between the N3 shocks or the additional $200 monotube V2 shocks if it’s a smoother ride? Seeing what might be...
  11. Softaildeuce

    Rough Country Bull Bar Surface Rust

    I recently installed a rough country bull bar. I noticed after the first snow storm it has surface rust already. Anyone else having this issue? I haven’t reached out to them yet. I attached a pic.
  12. Dave_Drums

    Installed Rough Country 5” for Air

    Had my 2020 Limited EcoDiesel lifted 5” with the Rough Country lift for Air suspension a few weeks ago. Paired it with the stock 22” from the black appearance package and 35x12.50x22 Milestar Patagonia MT tires. Must say I love it. Rides like stock, slightly tougher due to more aggressive tires...
  13. Pandyman

    Installed bilstein 5100 with rough country forged uca

    Just putting this out there for those who maybe wondering like I was just before I decided to do it. First of all the rough country forged uca are a lot nicer than I expected for a rough country product. I have never been a big fan of them at all and have avoided them in any project I have done...
  14. Lonestar21

    Bilstein shocks on 3.5” readylift

    What do you guys think about adding Bilstein shocks to the 3.5” Ready Lift kit instead of installing the spring spacers? Will it work? Good Idea?
  15. BattleRam

    Does a 3.5 inch lift need wheel spacers?

    I've got a 2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman V6 Flex 4x4 and recently purchased a rough country 3.5 inch lift that was on sale. I'm running 275/65/R18 tires and will upgrade in time but for now I'd like to keep them as the are brand new all weather/all terrains. My question is if they will still fit and...
  16. K

    2” RC level work with factory 22s & 35” Tires?

    Hey guys, new to the site. I tried searching the forums. Im installing the RC 2” front levelling struts and i have the 2019 Ram Sport (Canada) with factory 22” rims. Im wonder if 35x12.5x22 will fit the just that level or if I will need spacers. Also is there any trimming? Thanks in advance!
  17. S

    Rough Country Leveling Kit

    Hey guys, first post here. Never owned a truck until I got a 2019 1500. Wow, what an upgrade from my 2010 accord haha! I got the rough country leveling kit (2") installed and man, is it such a better look. I feel no difference in the quality of the drive either. Just wanted to share my...
  18. L

    Ready Lift, Rough Country, Motofab, Zone, etc - Experience

    I am picking up my 2019 Bighorn/Lonestar Crew Cab w/ 6'4 bed next week. I currently own a 2014 Big Horn that has a Bilstein adjustable front level (2.75) with Zone UCAs, and a 1" rear lift. I love the stance of the truck and the system has worked well, though I did experience a blown ball...