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6" readylift on 2020 Bighorn ecodiesel w/ Rough Country Adj Coilovers - and yes you can lift them


Dec 6, 2020
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North Central il
If you've got a 5th gen ecodiesel and have wanted to install a full lift kit, then you've probably noticed that all of the reputable manufacturers state"not for diesel or ecodiesel" somewhere in the bottom of the fine print. Before i bought my lift, I even contacted some companies and asked why. I received very few responses other than it just won't work.. At the end of the day, the parts from these kits will fit the ecodiesel exactly the same as they would the gas. My installer had a 2020 bh gas up on another lift while mine was being worked on and he said there isn't 1 single major difference in the way the parts fit between them.. when i asked him why would they say not to install on the ecodiesel if that's the case his thought was they just haven't put any time into doing any to know, and don't want the liability. Anyway, here's my 6" lifted ecodiesel and how i got it there..

Going into my lift install i already knew that the Zone kit would work because my brother put a 6" zone kit on his 2020 bh ecodiesel last summer. He finished it off with Fox 2.5 adjustable coilovers in the front and Fox 2.0 in the rear. His rides on 35"nittos with 22" fuel wheels..
Well of course i can't run the exact same setup, that would be lame and with the major shortage on shocks right now i wasn't wanting to wait for months to get Fox shocks... Or pay Fox prices.
I decided to run the readylift 6" . initially because it comes with a decent set of bilstein rears, and we were able to find the kit in stock at a warehouse. When i first ordered the kit i was going to keep the front suspension and use the included spacers. I was trying to go as inexpensive as possible while still ending up with a nice riding truck in the end. Later that night I made the mistake of looking into the Rough Country adjustable coilovers specifically made for 5 gen with 6" lifts.. i watched a few YouTube reviews and when i found they were in stock i was instantly sold. When it came to wheels/tires my cheapness made me fight hard to just keep my stock 20's but my installer said i needed to be at least 10"wide or I'd have some issues running the 35" nittos.. So i found some plain jane looking vision wheels albeit grudgingly. I really liked the stock wheels and wanted the extra cushion of 20's over 22's.
Then came the waiting game. With the American supply chain in shambles right now, it was agonizing to watch parts just sitting in a warehouse because they couldn't get a truck to move it for 9 days. Out of all the components I'd have to say that rough country was by far the first to arrive, and they were the last ones purchased! Other than waiting, the only snafu that happened didn't materialize until the very end of the install. At 3:30pm on the last day of installment my guy calls me and says we've got an issue. He says, the wheels that came were mounted on the nittos and when we went to put them on we noticed that the bolt pattern is wrong. They obviously should have checked this long before, but regardless here i was..Fortunately he had a set of really nice Black Rhinos in his shop and he sold me these for a very small upcharge. They have a bit more offset than i was really wanting, but the wheels are absolutely beautiful.
So now the truck is lifted, got the new front and rear adjustable suspension system and it's sitting on 35" nittos with 20"wheels. I'm currently running the RC suspension at #2 in the front and #3 in the rear. I'm in this truck all day, every day. It's my mobile office. I can honestly say that with my new setup this truck takes rough roads better than stock and highway ride is about as good as stock. If i were taking a long highway road trip i would probably dial the suspension up to 4 or 5 just to eliminate the slight front end bounce i currently get on a stretch of highway with a lot of expansion joints.
Of all the components used in this lift, the biggest satisfaction comes from the Rough Country shocks being so nice. They're about half the cost of Fox and i was concerned that they'd be junk. In reality they're super beefy and they work great for street riding. I know they have a 3 year warranty but they aren't listed as rebuildable so I'm assuming they aren't.
Sorry the post is so long, i could've summed it up in a few sentences probably. One of my guys at work tested positive for the 19 today and i was with him all day Saturday so I'm bored as hell,self quarantining from the wife and kids for a few days in the basement until i see what happens. Hopefully the info about ecodiesel lifts and rough country suspension might help someone is in a similar situation.

B5E188D6-80B6-4065-8186-D40E82F13BAB.jpeg D3B2B230-4E40-4F3A-B571-07FAD5816B27.jpeg 51E920A1-CEFD-4569-9D93-2155DCB0B0F8.jpeg 1598B888-E19B-4C09-A797-F2D3DF9104E8.jpeg D38866BC-8CF0-41BF-8BA5-48D99EFA064B.jpeg 5B856E9F-CD84-44EE-9270-8034E7626A21.jpeg D38304DE-9DEF-4A20-8CB5-068F21854EA4.jpeg 8D789E56-4E1C-4F92-AAB2-7D25BA751AFB.jpeg


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Jun 1, 2021
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What gears do you have with your ecodiesel? I'm going to be ordering a 2022 soon and was planning to get the 3.92 gears so I could run 35's with no issue. Just curious on your gear set up?

Your truck looks awesome by the way; I love white trucks and black wheels

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