1. J

    Help! looking to install grill lights

    Has anyone installed grill lights behind the grill, looking to install 4 whelen ions, just wondering if anyone here has done it and how they went about it. Thank You
  2. Z

    Fog and cargo buttons not working (or illuminating on dash when pressed)

    Hi all - first time posting here...The buttons on my 2019 Bighorn that trigger my fog and cargo lights are not working. The indicator light on either button doesn’t illuminate when pressed and the corresponding icon on the dash doesn’t light up, and either do the actual lights themselves. Is...
  3. CoachLarry

    RamBox Lights

    OK stupid question I know, but I could sear I saw somewhere that the lights in the RamBoxes come on when you open them and off when you shut them off, is this true? I know I can toggle the lights on and off with the yellow button when they are open, I just want to make sure they are turning off...
  4. R

    2019 Ram 1500 Power running boards add on lights

    Hi i am thinking of adding running board lights to my existing power running boards equipped from the factory. will this work the new 5th gen Rams?
  5. chino

    Light bar Power Wire

    Hi all, I installed a RC 20 inch light bar inside the bottom grille, install went great and simple, now the wiring harness is somewhat of an issue, the instructions tell you to hook it up to the + and - side of the battery, but i do not want constant power being drawn, the switch turns it off...