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  1. S

    Idea for Dual Battery Setup

    I've been doing some research for a while regarding dual battery setups for my 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel and I've come to pretty much the same conclusion as everyone else here: aftermarket support is limited and there's very few ways to easily add a 2nd battery to the Ram without a lot of work like...
  2. redriderbob

    CAUGHT: We Get Our First Look At The Ram 1500 Battery-Electric Pickup!

    CAUGHT: We Get Our First Look At The Ram 1500 Battery-Electric Pickup! Expect To See A Conceptual Version Next Month... For the first time, spy photographers have captured a Ram 1500 BEV (battery-electric vehicle) prototype in the open. Sitting atop the STLA Frame architecture, Ram chose a...
  3. rrlorentzen

    Need a new battery

    I need to put a new battery in my 2019. Has anyone put a H8 AGM in their truck. It seems like it would fit but curious if anyone has had success doing it.
  4. R

    2019 No Start but Battery Tests Okay.

    2019 1500 that after being parked for about an hour wouldn't start as if it had a dead battery. Accessory power came on like normal but the starter would click once and do nothing and a CEL came on. Used a jump pack and the truck started up just fine. I then drove home, turned the truck off...
  5. 0051 MAR

    Trickle charging. Has anyone else tried this...?

    I have a take home work vehicle, so I don't get to drive my truck as often as I'd like to. I leave the dash came running since the truck stays outside. I was noticing that the camera shut off (power saving mode) after only 2 days or so. I used to trickle charge my Charger and that worked out...
  6. 805myth1

    Lithium Battery Upgrade

    I’m trying to see if anyone has upgraded to a lithium battery under their hood. I’m going to finish my audio system upgrade and I plan to only run an XS Power lithium battery in place of the stock one. I already upgraded my alternator to a 220 amp factory one and with the battery I’m planning to...
  7. preston42

    Truck is struggling after new battery replacement…

    Anyone experience this? So frustrated… Story starts with my 2019 Ram Rebel not starting in the cold about 2 weeks ago. Took battery in it was low and got a new Duralast H7 battery. It started up, after a few hours all systems reset (yes I’ve read other battery threads here), and I thought I was...
  8. N

    Everything locked out since dead battery

    We managed to completely drain the battery of our 2021 Ram 1500 limited by leaving our trailer plugged into the 7-way :(. Managed to get a jump start and have since disconnected and charged the battery with a dedicated charger. The truck starts fine, but all the following features are locked out...
  9. S

    Battery disconnect

    I disconnected the battery prior to a throttle body clean. I took the throttle body out and cleaned it, wasn't that dirty. I reconnected the battery. Then... Uconnect 12 " display When I selected reverse my backup camera never came on AC, in auto, will only let me select HI or LO no temperature...
  10. D

    2019 Ram 1500 48v Battery Low Charge

    Hello, I searched for this issue but was unable to find anything so I made this post. I recently purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie with etorque. I had it for 2 days and the check engine light came on. I checked it at autozone but they said there computer saw no code and I should take it to...
  11. redriderbob

    RAM Will Build An All-Electric Ram 1500 In 2024:

    RAM Will Build An All-Electric Ram 1500 In 2024: With Up To 500 Miles Of Range... The Ford F-150 Lightning won’t be the only full-sized electrified pickup coming to the market from a Detroit automaker. Stellantis has announced that the RAM brand will also be entering the electric pickup...
  12. C

    2021 Limited w Etorque (3k miles) - Power Shutdown while on the highway

    I’m currently 250+ miles from home and 130 miles from where I was heading with my family for Christmas when my relatively new truck shutdown on me (while driving down the highway). It started with some acceleration issues, then a start/stop warning, check engine light, loss of...
  13. J

    2019 Ram Completely Dead (Possible Battery Issue)

    Truck information: 2019 Ram Rebel 5.7L eTorque with less than 12K miles on it. Issue: Yesterday I came home and tried to unlock my truck but nothing was happening. The key fob was lighting up but the doors were not unlocking. I decided to use the key to open the door and the alarm went off...
  14. W

    Suggestion on Next Step!!! Battery and Engine Light on.

    I bought my 2019 1500 back in September of 2018, and it has 16K miles on it. Last night the battery light and engine light both came on. I am sure someone has experienced this issue. Please let me know what the problems are and what the solutions are.
  15. caseyj

    Negative battery post- extension

    Hi, Trying to reset my computer system, I’ve unhooked the negative wire from the extension on the battery post. There’s another part on the extension that is connected with a smaller pair of wires. Does that need to be disconnected too? Edit: Nevermind, figured it out, after unhooking the...
  16. L

    1500 Limited - Completely dead, out of options.

    Hey all, Picked up new truck 2 days ago. Went out earlier and the truck is completely dead. Have a noco genius boost gb150, did nothing. AAA came, verified it wasn't the battery. Nothing is responding in the truck whatsoever. Was going to have it towed to Ram truck service - tow guy came...