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    STINKY 2019 Bighorn 1500 5.7 Hemi

    I had this smell on my truck when I bought it. It was somewhere between 6,000 and 7,500 miles before the smell was completely gone. It never bothered me too much as I didn’t smell it while driving, but the garage was horrible after parking for a couple hours. I’m now at about 10,500 miles and...
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    5.7 engine using too much oil?

    FCA actually issued a Service Bulletin on this topic last year. Here is a link to the thread with the TSB's and Recalls: Here is the link directly to this specific bulletin from that thread: July 31...
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    Front bench center console usb.

    I was also disappointed to find this out, as I had been assured by a dealer this port would support CarPlay. Unfortunately no dealers around me had the bench config when I found my truck in another state. On the other hand, I did take the dealers claim with a grain of salt and figured there was...
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    For those that want to add the factory trailer brake controller...

    @Dmalonecentral Did your dealer order your brake controller as the entire assembly or did they piece it together using the individual parts such as the OP? I have had one on order since mid December and my dealer is telling me it is still in redesign and is showing June for the assembly. I...
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    Trailer brake installed today

    Mine was ordered for my truck in December when I took delivery. Originally I was told January 31st, which came and went. I was just told by my dealer that it is now back ordered till June 18th. I would love to hear anyone else's experience and dates to find out if this is really what FCA is...
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    Front bench seat question?

    Thanks, I have seen some for the locations you mention, but for functionality, I would love to have one in the front seat. I think the ideal location for one would be under the seat bottom in the center. I won't ever use the CD player so I am not concerned with covering it, or even pulling it...
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    Front bench seat question?

    When I started looking at these trucks I was set on a Laramie sport as I really wanted that exterior, but circumstances required I get a truck with the front bench. At first this was discouraging, but then I sat in a truck with the bench seat. I was surprised that I actually found it more...
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    Parking brake

    It might be auto park engaging. Mine does this if I have my seatbelt off and open a door while reversing. I am sure there are a few conditions that would make this engage, but I am not sure what they all are. Does the instrument cluster display "auto park engaged" or something to that effect...
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    Sorry, I do not recall actually. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was working around under there, just trying not to drop the step on myself while installing it. I will try to get a picture for you soon, but unfortunately it has been snowing here and everything is pretty caked up with...
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    Mine does not hit the exhaust, there is sufficient clearance between the step and everything else under my truck.
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    Engine smell for 2019 ram rebel

    That's no good. Please let us know if it goes away this time after a little while, although I am pretty sure I know the answer to that already. Did the dealer also flush the system?
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    Road noise- interior

    ^^what @JLUR_ said. Unless your setup is vastly different than mine and the others who have installed themselves, this is a simple install. A bit of a pain getting your arm in position, but not difficult. I did the install on stock suspension height with the wheel to wheel sidesteps by sliding...
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    Engine smell for 2019 ram rebel

    @JeffP - did your dealer already complete this work or is it scheduled for some other time? I am curious to see if this remedies the issue completely for you or not. If it does work, would there be any way of posting the records between FCA and your dealer. I would hope this would be more...
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    Won’t go into gear until revved up

    ^^what @Al Czervik said. Also possibly this thread which could be related
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    Fueling issues

    Mine did this on the first fill up and hasn't done it again. I am not sure if it is possibly related to the same thing, but my old Tahoe was doing this for a while and it turned out to be the Evap Vent Solenoid had failed. Replaced that and all good except for extremely humid days for some...