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uconnect 5

  1. S

    12 in Radio Failure - Boot Loop

    All - I have a 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie with the 12" radio and wanted to provide my experience in case it's helpful to others. I didn't see this issue posted elsewhere. I bought my truck in June of 2022 and the radio worked perfectly up until mid-December, when the radio stopped working entirely...
  2. FinzUp_

    2022 8.4 to 12inch screen swap

    Has anyone swapped out the 8 to a 12 inch screen yet? Looking to do this in my big horn... any help appreciated! Mainly looking for what parts would be needed.
  3. redriderbob

    RECALL: Ram Recalls Certain Trucks For Rear Camera Not Displaying!

    RECALL: Ram Recalls Certain Trucks For Rear Camera Not Displaying! 8.4-Inch Uconnect 5 Infotainment System Requires A Software Update To Fix Issue... Stellantis (FCA US, LLC) is recalling certain 2022 Model Year Ram 1500 (DT), Ram 2500 (DJ), and Ram 3500 10K LB. Chassis Cab (DF) vehicles. for...
  4. K

    Upgrade 2022 8.4 to 12 with Uconnect 5

    I have looked but couldn't find anything. I bought a new 2022 Power Wagon a month ago. Love the truck. I wanted the 12 inch screen but they only had the 8.4. Truck was a great price so I went for it. Now I want to see about upgrading this little 8.4 screen to the 12 inch screen. I have seen...
  5. RamCares

    Uconnect 5 FOTA S23.13 - Released 02/02/22

    Good morning to our Ram Brand enthusiasts, Our teams have heard your concerns and will be posting out periodically in an effort to provide you with new update releases and ask for feedback on how to better serve all of you. We appreciate your patience and feedback throughout the experience...
  6. J

    Uconnect 5 swap

    Just joined the forum. Currently looking to purchase a 20-21' 1500 (Big Horn or Laramie) OR new 22' Big Horn/Laramie. Only reason I would lean towards new is because of the new connect 5 on 12inch screen. My question or dilemma is are you able to swap or buy a new infotainment 12 inch Screen...
  7. redriderbob

    VIDEO: We Take An In-Depth Look At The 2022 Ram 1500 G/T Package!

    VIDEO: We Take An In-Depth Look At The 2022 Ram 1500 G/T Package! We Go In-Depth With The New Uconnect 5 System Too... RAM has been doing a good job of continually updating the fifth-generation Ram 1500 since it debuted for the 2019 model year. Every year, there has been new content added and...
  8. Scott_R

    Uconnect-5 8.4 Option Comparison

    Does anyone have a good comparison sheet on the 2 Uconnect 5 options yet? Some features like 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hot Spot seem to be included in the Level B Equipment Group and other features like Apple Car Play and Android Auto are listed for both... Do we know anything about HD Radio or Sirius XL...
  9. I

    Upgrade 2019 RAM 1500 Infotainment to Uconnect 5

    Since i’ts been confirmed that 2022 Ram 1500 will support Uconnect 5, do you think that 2019 Ram 1500 owners will be able to update their system to Uconnect 5. If not, do you think we will be able to replace our current infotainment aiment system with the new Uconnect 5 version? Info: I...
  10. T

    Uconnect 5 upgrade via replacing 12" unit?

    With the announcement that Uconnect 5 is coming to Ram 1500. Does anyone think it will be possible to swap out the 12" unit from a 21 and install the new unit to have UC5?
  11. S

    2022 with uconnect 5 and all digital dash

    Per other reports on this forum about the 2022 models having uconnect 5 but do you think they will also change to the all digital instrument cluster like the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. Ford made the switch last year. If they do make the switch to a digital instrument cluster do you think it...