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  • Picked up a 2020 longhorn. Since day 1 it says sirius xm currently unavailable and It doesn't remember presets. The dealer was no help. They said an update is coming. Any ideas? Who can I contact for help with this. Thanks
    i know you can update the unconnect yourself with a memory stick, there arensome youtube videos on how to do it, its really easy im not really texh savy and was able to do it
    2019 1500 5.7 Etorque with 26k miles. The down shifting actually lunges you forward. They performed a relearn of the trans last week and it didn't change the downshifting at all. Now, I am experiencing a VERY hard/erratic 1-2 2-3 shift when the truck is cold and it ONLY does it on the very first acceleration after sitting overnight. Could you give me the most current TSB and or update numbers I could give the dealer.
    Did you get any update? My 2020 with 6,400 miles isn't doing so hot when downshifting either.
    I have a 2020 LTD and experiencing the same MF gate issue. The doors must be slammed in order to latch them and turn off the alarm. One concern is damaging the gates by doing this continually. This thread seems to be addressing non MF gate issues as well, so I was wondering if this MF Gate adjustment needs to be taken to a dealer, or is there an easy DIY fix. I am just west of Grand Rapids, MI., Thank You
    A write up you might be interested in. If you have any thoughts, impressions or ideas please let me know.
    I saw your link for the manual. Filled out the information and says there is no manual for my vehicle.
    VIN# 1C6SRFDTXKN813011
    If there is a printed manual please send a copy. I would really like to have one.
    Thank you in advance.

    Kevin McCartney
    Brand new 2020 Ram Big Horn 4x4 without nav. When I get in and turn the truck on the 8.4 Uconnect screen consistently says "please wait loading" while its trying to either hook up to AM/FM or sirius radio. This usually takes upwards of 3-5 minutes.I had a 2016 Charger Scatpack and my wife has a 2014 Jeep GC and those have never took that long maybe a few seconds if anything to connect. Thank you.
    I had this issue, too. It did it one time, and it was when the SXM was what was on when the truck shut off. If I turned off the radio and turned it back on, I could switch to FM and it was fine. After that, it's not done it since.
    Wondering what do about my slow wipers on my 2019 ram 1500 Tradesman. In heavy rain its impossible to see. The serviceman at the dealer agreed they were slow but there wasn't they could do about it. I would appreciate you help.
    Is there a canadian contact? I have the ram box issue and a misaligned tailgate for which the dealer is stating thats the way they are and there is nothing they can do......not back for a 60000 dollar truck
    I just purchased my 2019 Rebel and absolutely love it, until I started to get a knocking/clicking noise coming from the front driver side. It seems like it could be taking a toll on my truck if it's the suspension or something in the steering column. I heard that the factories weren't torquing the trucks to the appropriate settings. Have not heard from dealer and they are 4 hrs away.
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    I am having the same issue with my Laramie 4x4 with dealer installed leveling kit. I took in once already and they said it was rubbing from the oversized tires that they installed. Taking back to dealer this Saturday to get it fixed. I was able to capture it on video.
    Yes. I would like to escalate it and make sure it gets the special attention it needs to be corrected properly. I have an appointment at the dealership where I bought the truck on Saturday July 6th. That's a 4 hour drive each way for me. I would appreciate any help you can provide in ensuring this it taken care of properly. Please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks.
    2019 Ram Power Wagon. Sunroof leaks into cab through grab handle on driver's side. Took it to local dealership 13 Jun. Diagnosed as wrong drain tube installed on sunroof. I like the truck but it is starting to develop a smell. Montana feels like Seattle the last 2 weeks. I do not want a smelly truck.

    [email protected]
    Got a 2019 Ram Limited Laramie non-nav and CarPlay works when it wants to....what can be done to fix this issue...really frustrating on a 50k truck ...i've replaced cords, reset phone, deleted from truck and re-installed...still same problems...left for vacation yesterday, it worked the first 200 miles...turned off truck, came back no CarPlay...very frustrating...

    [email protected]
    Bought a 2019 4x4 Rebel in Aug. 2018...since that time I have experienced the most irritating humming noise at around 1500rpms or 55mph mostly when I remove my foot from the accelerator. This phenomenon appears to be more prevalent when there is something in the backs seat. The decibel level is so base like it hurts my ears to the point it's difficult to drive. Anyone know if there is a fix for this?
    What are you guys going to do about the gas tank situations? I have a 60k truck that will only hold 21 gallons max, it spills out after that. I have seen others with the same problem so I know its not just me. Please let me know if they have any solutions because my dealer didnt fix the problem either.
    Ram Cares,
    Well let’s see if you do. Had a recall for the adjustable brake pedal. Made the appointment 2 weeks ago. Well I get there this morning and they ended coming out and saying they used my part last night so they could sell a vehicle because they can’t sell it unless the recall is fixed. Not happy and I’m glad to see sales are more important than existing customers. Already had steering rack replaced
    What a real jerk they are to do that with your parts. Absurd!

    Please assist me with my ongoing brake noise issue. The truck has been in 4 times with all brakes being replaced at this point. The last visit it was said that there is a rear caliper issue but no ETA. The noise is getting to the point of being unbearable as it is louder than ever and occurs 100% of the time when applying the brakes. VIN = 1C6SRFRT9KN506356
    This is getting to a point where I am shopping for a new truck as I don't see FCA making this a priority and their response to this has been very poor. Basically...deal with it.

    I took delivery of a 2019 RAM Laramie 4WD Crew 5.7 bed on 12/12/2018, and one hour after delivery it was in service because I couldn't connect to Apple CarPlay.

    Multiple people helped me, and they tried all sorts of things to get it working, but in the end they couldn't get it working nor could they get other iPhones or Android working. Multiple cables were used.
    In the end, I was asked to setup a service appointment for a few days later. While waiting for the appointment, CarPlay suddenly started working and continued working for a few days. Then it stopped working for multiple days, and I am unable to get it working again. My phone is using the most recent IOS, I've bought brand new OEM cords from Apple to try, have shut down and restarted my phone and the truck.
    I've tried multiple phones (IOS and Android) and multiple OEM cords. Nothing works.

    VIN# - 1C6SRFJT1KN677923
    When CarPlay works, I'm using one of the 2 USB ports below the screen (and not the USB port under the armrest and my phone will charge at the same time.

    When CarPlay doesn't work, my phone will NOT charge using either of the 2 ports below the screen.

    In all cases, the phone has connected via BlueTooth to the Truck and I'm able to make a call, and I'm able to access Siri by pressing the voice response button.
    I purchased a 2019 MODEL YEAR RAM 1500 BIG HORN CREW CAB 4X4 at the end of October from Quirk Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Dorchester, MA and have noticed dragging, vibration and noises which seem to be related tot he brakes, especially when backing out of my driveway and driving forward. I am disappointed as I traded in my 2013 Ram 1500 which never had any problems for this new truck. Can you help me?
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