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  • A couple of things going on with my 2021 Rebel.
    -3 times the media (music) portion of the touch screen has just locked up and nothing will play. The next morning when I started my truck all was fine.
    -2 days ago it said that the fob was unavailable . I tried a variety of things to no avail . I pulled the emergency key out of the fob and all of a sudden the truck 'found' the fob and started.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for getting back to me on the rear window leak issue the dealer is taking it in on 12/27 for a rear window replacement and hopefully thats the end of it
    Hi There,

    I have unfortunately had a bad service event with a dealer in CO, my oil filter was not tightened properly during an oil change and over 2 quarts of oil leaked while driving, and I have been reaching out to their service manager to discuss the issue and they have not returned any of my calls. Is there any way I can get your assistance?

    My Dealer told me I would have to live with a clicking noise coming from my 2020 (Laramie) with 5,045 miles..I called Ram Cares customer service and they contacted my Local Dealership and told them they WOULD FIX my truck and make me happy or there would be action against them at the REGIONAL OFFICE….Dealership fixed my truck ..with parts they ordered Air Freight overnight . RAM CARES CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GREAT…
    Dealer delivered my vehicle with these issues.

    Of the 5 Rams I have bought. This is the most problematic delivery and truck.


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    Hi RAMCares Staff,

    I have recently signed up and been reading many posts, and observed that RAM Cares chime in offering support on any mechanical need. How issues are handled when reported, if may I ask?

    Please, feel free to PM me whenever convenient. Thank you in advance!
    I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn 4x4. I get a rattle and cluck (like a ball pein hammer hitting the transfer case) and a rattle at startup and am getting a run around with the dealer on getting it repaired. 4x my truck has been in for this. please help!

    I'm having issues with my new 2021 Limited (150 miles - VIN 1C6SRFHTXMN800935). The driver side seat memory seems to be malfunctioning. However, if I select position #1, the seat back sits me back up an inch or two. I've tried to reset the seat position multiple times with the same result.
    I followed the procedures listed in the owner's manual for programming the desired memory position.
    Can Ram Cares give me a logical answer to the status and location my 2021 Limited is at. VIN is 1C6SRFHT7MN706415. VON is 48348716. Ordered on March 2, 21. Thank you for your help.
    Our new 2021 RAM 1500 North edition. It had 241 miles on it when purchased at the end of April and now has just over 1,200 miles on it. I was shocked to see this and the paint scraped down to the bare metal on the underside of the cab. We really like this truck and I want to love it, but only if it’s made right.


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    I wouldn’t be happy about that. Dealer should take care of that and give you a loaner while you are waiting
    Speaker static issue on my two week old Ram Limited Night Edition. Started on 400 mile trip today. Static seems to be in a speaker to the right of the driver. Very similar to all the other posts. 2,500 miles on the truck. I will go to the local dealer to formalize and register the problem tomorrow.
    Hello, I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn that the back window glass has cracks. The truck has 49880 miles on it so the factory warranty is done. I bought a extended warranty (Performance First) from Jake Swinney Ram dealership. When they tried running the claim through. The warranty people declined the claim saying it was not a mechanical problem but a cosmetic issue. What should I do?
    Hello @RamCares,
    A dealership in Alaska (I'm near Boston) mistakenly entered the VIN from my 2019 RAM 1500 for one of their customers recall service.
    Clearing this up is taking much longer (weeks) than I could have imagined. Can't get mine serviced without this fixed.
    @RamCares - Can you help?
    Hello, I just ordered a Limited Longhorn. In reviewing the various chats, they keep mentioning that RamCares can provide information on my build. My VON is 47988241 and my VIN is 1C6RREKT9MN673371. Any updates that you can provide is appreciated.
    You should be able to call FCA with your Von and VIN. I have done it in the past few months with a Charger and Durango. I guess I could be wrong but it worked for those vehicles.
    I have a 2019 1500 Laramie that has been taken in to the dealership for repairs around 15 times already. Sometimes it’s a the same problem but it’s mostly something different. In the last 2 years, my truck has spent at least 3 months in the shop. Dealership refuses to give us loaner even though my 18 Wrangler has issue.
    My 2020 Rebel starting leaking water thru the driver overhead microphone while in the car wash this weekend. Just dropped it off at local dealer and the woman checking me in said “well, that’s why we recommend you not use car washes.” !!? I have a case number 78161408. Dealer is CDJR NORTH SAVANNAH GA. Please advise? Thank you!
    At about 15000 miles I had the rear squeaking brakes backing up when cold repaired per a TSB. Now at 46000 miles my 2019 bighorn is doing it again. My dealer says only one TSB repair is covered and the next one is done at my expense. The truck isnt even two years old, am I goimg to have to do thid every year. 41magmag41
    Purchased my Ram 2500 Laramie w/6.7 Diesel three weeks ago. My wife, who's visually impaired, nearly fell out of the truck, when the power running board didn't deploy when she opened her door. I exited the truck and went around and tried opening and closing the door (front and rear) and the board would move about 20% and then return to the stowed position. Has anyone else had any problems?
    Hi Mark sorry for the delay. I took my Big Horn to Tri-county RAM in Limerick PA who worked with RAM Corporate. I'm extremely disappointed in the results. They aren't helping me out much. I'm paying nearly $500 to fix an issue that should be a blown fuse. my truck is at 43,000 miles in just under 2 yrs. TC is only giving me "free parts" which is just a wire that burnt out.
    TY- Shawn Venesky
    sorry to add a second post. RAM/TC aren't even helping me with me with free updates of which i need 6. after buying my first brand new RAM, a $50,000 truck i really hoped to get corporate assistance. If there is anything at all you can help me with I'd greatly appreciate it.
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