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Recent content by Brad460

  1. Brad460

    Who Leases? Who Purchased?

    So much wrong here....I don’t even know where to start...and 13k down on a 3 year lease is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. This thread is full of bad financial decisions..
  2. Brad460

    Dash is dead, truck won't start

    I know what your doing...Just jk with you!
  3. Brad460

    Dash is dead, truck won't start

    “Any suggestions?” Yes, call your f-ing dealer.. Are you going to try and fix your 2020 truck yourself based on forum responses? :LOL:
  4. Brad460

    Considering a Switch to Ram

    Came from Tundra, spent many miles in Chevys (up to 2018) and they are turds, test drove 2019 Chevys, F150s... Ram hands down best truck on the road today.. This coming from someone who swore I’d never ever buy a Dodge product ...ever never...Thankfully my neighbor (owns local Dodge dealer)...
  5. Brad460

    5.7L non Etorque.. What are your best Average MPGs (EVIC or manual)?

    8.9 is my best. :rolleyes: Pulling my boat into the wind..
  6. Brad460

    Should I get a Topper?

    Depends how old you are versus how old you want to look? If you’re over 60 you should be good.
  7. Brad460

    15k mile fuel injection maintenance

    If you have to ask this question...then yes you should have it done.
  8. Brad460

    Electric truck

    It will be a long time before ICE are gone...If ever...
  9. Brad460

    Oil change interval on new 2020 ram 1500 5.7

    I am running the Rotella gas truck oil...changed it after the first 5000. This time I went 7500. I am a fan of Rotella...run the heavy duty 15W40 in my skid steer, motocross bike, boat, lawn tractor, pressure washer, etc...Has always treated me well and is priced right..
  10. Brad460

    Hemi is a beast

    This is exactly what I would say if I was getting paid to post something like this...:ROFLMAO:
  11. Brad460

    Stuck throttle

    Throttle stuck wide open... Truck has a pedal commander which controls the throttle.... Not convinced the aftermarket throttle controller caused the throttle to stick wide open... Uhm.....I am really reading this ?! :ROFLMAO::LOL:
  12. Brad460

    Poor gas mileage

    At a steady 65 MPH I can get 20 mpg and at 75 mph I can get 18.5 mpg. I’ve gotten a high as 22+ if I am extra careful and keep it under 60 mph. Around town I am around 15.5 mpg. My father in law has a 2018 Chevy Silverado and he gets slightly better, but the 5.3L is a turd of an engine. My...
  13. Brad460

    what are you going to do with your"Stimlius check"?

    Agreed...I wonder if most posting in here realize it’s based off your adjusted income.. Also, cost of living is a factor- someone in an area with a high cost of living might make a high income and not qualify, but could use the stimulus check more than someone making much less.
  14. Brad460

    2.5 level kit 33x12.50r22

    Which leveling kit did you go with?
  15. Brad460

    Who Switched?

    Switched from a Tundra to my 2019 Ram 1500. I used to only drive the Tundra when I was towing or picking something up from Menards (due to the terrible ride). The Ram is now the most comfortable vehicle we own...really do love it.