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  1. J

    Transmission Whirring Noise

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I purchased my 2020 Ram 1500 Long Horn with the hemi and E torque almost a year ago, love the interior of this truck. It was a replacement for my 2013 Ram which I loved. After a few hundred miles I had to take it into the dealer because of the radio /...
  2. payd_in_full

    Engine noise at statup

    5.7 w/ E-torque Currently my truck has about 3,000 miles on it and has been in service for about 2 months. Ever since new the truck has exhibited what I would call a belt system noise, something along the path of a belt or the belt itself. The noise comes in after a complete cold soak of the...
  3. Jp306

    Squeal during cold weather start ups

    Hey everyone, I haven't come across this topic yet. During colder temperatures (-15 C / 5 F and colder) I get a VERY loud squealing after start up. It sounds like a kettle whistling is the best description I can give. It will last up to a minute or so, then stops. Doesn't seem right for a brand...
  4. G

    How to reduce MDS noise?

    Other than disabling MDS, has anyone had experience reducing the bogging noise that MDS makes? I have a stock engine and exhaust. I like the MPG benefits of MDS, but I dislike the humming bogging noise it produces. I've considered adding an exhaust to replace the engine noise with exhaust...
  5. Tones1975

    Hollow sounding drivers side rear door

    Just wondering if anyone else has a hollow sound when they close the rear doors? My drivers rear crew cab door sounds hollow compared to the passenger side rear when I close them. I'm hoping there's a solution as it really bothers me when I close it. I tried to post a short video of the two rear...
  6. S

    Chime malfunction sound

    Hello, I recently bought a 2019 1500 Limited and had an issue. On two separate days I was traveling on the highway. The suspension was in aero mode, and cruise control was set at 82, and 85. The speed seemed to not be a factor because when I would slow down it still did this. I guess the best...
  7. DarkKn1ght

    Disabling Active Noise Cancellation

    Has anyone figured out a way to disable our truck's active noise cancellation system?