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  1. Night Rebel

    Puddle lights

    Has any else replaced the puddle light in the tow mirror with leds? I have with a set off of Amazon and they look great. But for some reason the driver side keeps going out. The passenger side is still going strong. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. apereira

    Bulb out message after LED headlight conversion

    I recently installed OEM LED reflector headlights in my Big Horn using a harness from Jimmy07. I updated all of the CBC Features and Config settings with AlfaOBD, but I still get an occasional turn signal bulb out error message. It intermittently happens with both the left and right turn signal...
  3. A


    Hey guys! If you have an aftermarket headlight setup, post a pic in the thread if you don’t mind! I’m looking into options to see what looks good! Thanks in advance!
  4. Shifts And Grins Fab

    A Pillar Ditch Light Brackets

    A Pillar/ Ditch Light Brackets expected from Laser this week. We will do a test fit and have a final price at that time. Once test fit is complete and we are happy with everything we will open up preorders. We are also working with a few light manufacturers to offer lights to go with our...
  5. Zackb347

    Recon LED Projector Headlights

    Been on the fence about replacing the factory halogens. Couldn't decide between the mopar led kit from infotainment or the Recon LED's. Both are around a $1500 price point. I saw Recon had the Chrome LED versions with a 50% off coupon earlier this week so I saw that as a sign lol I was only able...
  6. Sjblanar07

    FP Performance LED headlights

    Has anyone tried these FP Performance OE style LED headlights? Any good? I am looking for something that won’t break the bank but be brighter than the stock halogen and (obviously) look a little more appealing. Here is a link to the headlights...
  7. J

    2021 Led lights

    Has anyone swapped to LED bulbs for the third brake light/cargo light on a 2021 Ram? I have seen a bunch for 2020 rams but they say it won’t work for the 2021
  8. Evank33

    Euro taillight

    I saw a video of a Ram in Germany and noticed the led taillights illuminated differently. Top light was only the brake light and the bottom was only the turn signal. I'm interested if I'm able to do this with alfaobd on my truck and what settings I'd have to change for this to work
  9. qhayes87

    LED headlight and fog lights

    Hello fellow 5th gen owners, I was thinking about upgrading my lights to led and was wondering if anyone could recommend the most cost effective way of doing this. I did see a lot of different bulbs on Amazon but don’t wanna venture down the road of always having issues. Is it possible to do...
  10. AZHUND

    Hints for replacing glove box light?

    Has anyone successfully replaced the glove box light with an LED? I was able to push out the halogen easily, but could not figure out how to contort my hand to put in the LED to replace it... Also in the process I lost the replacement bulb somewhere in the gap back there, so also trying to...
  11. peeceejay

    Diode Dynamics LED bed light bulbs

    This one was a REALLY simple upgrade. I bought the bulbs from Diode Dynamics, which was not the cheapest option - I know there are Amazon vendors for much less money - but these seem to be the nicest, brightest, and most reliable options out there. They also arrived really quickly. Incredibly...
  12. Bruins5515

    Backup LED Light bar Bracket

    Has anyone tried out the Zroadz Backup light bracket below? Looking for a way to mount some lights without drilling any holes, so everything is reversible...
  13. Bruins5515

    OEM Halogen to OEM LED Taillight

    Hey guys, Just bought a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7L with level 2 interior package. I read in a few forums that people have had successful swapping the halogen taillights with the OEM LED taillights without error codes and it’s all plug and play. Can anyone confirm that they have done this with...
  14. G

    LED lights in footwell (wiring)

    Ever since my first car I've had LED lights in the footwells. Due to Ram's unfortunate style design I can just simply use a 12v plug in. Has anyone wired some in? If so can you post some pictures or a video on how and where?
  15. ZachhAttackkk93

    Exhaust dealer or affiliate.

    First post y'all. Looking to buy an exhaust for my Big Horn, set on Flowmaster's American Thunder series P/N 817843... Given the times, are there any smaller shops or dealers that can get me one? I'd like to support smaller businesses, if possible. I'm located in southern California (93041)...
  16. DarkKn1ght

    Auxiliary LED Backup Light Idea

    Has anyone installed a flush mounted LED pod to the left of the rear license plate? I posted a picture of the back of my truck for reference.
  17. V

    DRL for LED/halogen bulb switch-out

    I currently have the Halogen bulbs as my headlights and I am looking to upgrade them to LED. I'm curious to see what ideas you have so i'm not using my new LED bulbs as a DRL. I don't want my new LED bulbs to have a shorter life span due to getting too hot running all day in the Florida heat as...
  18. Ziggyrz07

    DIY led oem swap Front and rear

    I went on eBay and waited to find quality prices for the tail lights and head lights I think I’m 1100 in the set. Then 170 to retro shop for the adapters for the front head lights. Front swap can be done in 1-2 hours and rear in 20 minutes or so. to remove front fascia you’ll want to use...
  19. J

    Key Fob Not Detected - new LEDs were causing it.

    I had changed out the bulbs in my 3rd brake light and cargo lights in the top rear of the cab last night. I noticed last night that the key would not work in my pocket anymore and I had to have the key almost next to the ignition. This morning I tried it a couple of more places and had the same...
  20. Dave peterson

    Dim Halogen Lights? there is a fix!!!!

    http://lddy.no/c23y Here is my link to the solution. I have changed out all the interior bulbs and the low beams and backup lights are on the way. High beams are next.