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led lights

  1. Shifts And Grins Fab

    5th Gen Ram 1500 Accessories Update

    We have materials for our 5th Gen Ram 1500 Rear Tow Hook Brackets back in stock. Currently we are looking at 3 business day lead time for bare steel and 3 week lead time for powder coated. We are working on getting ahead on these and having both bare steel and powder coated versions in stock and...
  2. jkilp911

    AlphaRex tail light problems

    I recently upgraded the halogen headlights/tail lights on my 22 1500 Big Horn to AlphaRex LUXX series. The headlights work as expected, but I’m having all sorts of problems with the tail lights. They’re supposed to be plug and play, but they’ve been anything but. The first time I installed...
  3. VICE design

    💡 Upgraded LED Reverse Lights. Easy installation

    The reverse lights on these newer trucks seem to be just for looks, they don't output any light. I was driving a customers truck in our parking lot and I simply couldn't see behind me. Its dark before and after work right now, and we've had a ton of success with these 8" lightbars, so we came up...
  4. P

    Installed alpha Rex led headlights and have 2 questions

    First off, American trucks website install video did not mention that I was supposed to remove and attach the lower headlight bracket to the new headlights (pic for reference). Now I think this is only used for the trim piece to snap on to and when I tested the trim it all seems to be very snug...
  5. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Ditch Light Brackets Shifts and Grins Fabrication

    Our Ditch Light Brackets have been test fit on 5th gen Ram 1500s and we are super excited with how they turned out. We placed a massive order from our laser cutter to get these parts in ASAP to finish them out and powder coat them. We are accepting preorders on our webpage now. We are thing...
  6. I

    After market LED headlights

    Seller on eBay has good reviews, seems like they are selling Alpharex pro/luxx series headlights cheaper and under their brand name (possibly buys directly from their supplier). And it looks like they have OEM led headlight. Has anyone bought from this seller ?
  7. Bee7_ivan

    Who has a leak?!

    Hey you guys if you have a leak in your truck defiantly check out my NEW video! please and thank you!
  8. PP_McPooperson

    Roof Mounted LED Light Bar Install - Ram Rebel 2019 5th gen

    Hey everybody, I wanted to throw together a quick post of my roof mounted LED bar install. Upon researching the internet for help on this subject I was coming up empty so I figured since I just did it, i'll spread the wealth of knowledge! I have previously installed a Rhino Rack Pioneer...
  9. N


    I do not own a test light to check for power . Anybody know which wire coloring is pos/neg?
  10. Broly

    Problem with purchasing OEM LED tail lights

    Long time watcher first time poster. I’ve had a 20 Ram Night Edition for a little over a year now, plenty of upgrades. Recently, I have been trying to purchase a set of OEM LED Rebel style tail lights. I’ve purchased from 2 different online Mopar stores and have been denied. The stores refused...
  11. T

    Lasfit LED Fog Light Issue

    I installed both Lasfit fog and high beams. When I engage the highbeams, the right fog light goes out but the left fog light remains on. Any ideas? Both fog lights work properly when high beams are not engaged so I believe the polarity is correct.