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  1. R

    Interior swap

    I found a 5th gen 1500 that is being parted out. its a Laramie and i want to do a interior swap with my 5th gen 2500. -I hear they're decently the same, possibly some modification to the seat brackets, can anyone confirm? -My current seats are not electric and the ones i want to replace them...
  2. JDGRam19

    2021 Interior Vanity Light Button/Cover

    Does anyone know of a way to repair/repaint/replace with a sticker cover for this overhead interior vanity light button. The paint is coming off on this one button, which never gets used hardly. Very strange, almost like the paint is flaking. Any suggestions on fixing this without replacing the...
  3. L

    Replacing headliner, can I use (slightly?) different wiring harness? 2021 1500 Big Horn

    Hello, I have a 2021 1500 Big Horn night edition. I love this truck, but the interior is very dark and bums me out. I really like the "Black / Light Frost Beige" interior and am planning to replace some of the interior components with ones of this color. Since I have headliner wiring harness P/N...
  4. TheLegend

    Visor Mirror Replacement LED Lights

    I tried looking in manual but couldn’t find anything on these lights but does anyone know what would replace these Halogen Visor Mirror lights for LED’s instead? Only thing I don’t have LED on my truck and it’s kind of annoying plus my wife is getting on my nerves about changing them out to...
  5. D

    - HELP - Dashboard Airbag Removal

    I purchased a 2019 Ram 2500 Laramie from the auction recently and finally got to fixing things. One of the issues I am currently running into is the reparation of the Passenger Dash Air Bag - How do I go about accessing it? Also, because that airbag went off, I have a large hole in my...
  6. C

    5th gen HD centre console shifter

    Has anyone done a column to centre console swap in a 5th gen Cummins? I’m looking to swap mine as I’ve seen done in 4th gens before. The only 5th gen with a centre console shift that I know of is the TRX so it would have to be a trx shifter and possibly console?
  7. Guysramrebel

    Which one is “better”

    If y’all were gonna buy a rebel which interior would you choose?
  8. Guysramrebel

    Ram Rebel interior

    I love all the different types of Rebel interiors, but the all black has really grown on me. Especially when clean. Red and black is nice but damn the all black is classy lol … also matches the outside of the truck perfectly.
  9. GNRam1500

    Need speaker recommendations

    I have the default sound system in my ram (non alpine is what I mean). I'm looking to upgrade my speakers for a better quality sound. I don't want to lose the little bass I have
  10. S

    Dreaded hvac whistle

    Unfortunately got the dreaded whistle coming from the right side dash when the auto climate control is in recirculating mode on the highway. It goes away when the hvac is in outside air mode which leads me to believe it’s flap related. All the dealerships in my area have been very problematic...
  11. AMS Guru

    Indigo Floor Liners

    Does anyone out there know of a company that will custom-make full floor liners of good quality that will match the Indigo blue carpet/interior of the Limited? I reached out to WeatherTech (my preferred supplier for a number of reasons) and they said they do not/will not do custom colors and...
  12. R

    Indigo/frost interior feedback?

    pulling the trigger on a 5th gen soon. i love the indigo frost interior as it is such a unique color combo but worried about fading/getting seats dirty...anybody here with it wish they went black interior instead? ill be going as dark as i can legally on the window tint. i dont get filthy at...
  13. V

    What is this part?

    Hi everyone. 2019 RAM 1500. Does anyone know what is this part? It’s from the interior tear down and rebuild. Any quick help really appreciated…
  14. N


    I do not own a test light to check for power . Anybody know which wire coloring is pos/neg?
  15. C

    What is the best product to use to cleaner leather interior

    I recently bought a 2020 eco diesel Laramie Longhorn. It has the light mountain interior. What is the best process to cleaning (detailing the interior)? It’s not dirty just has a little dust.
  16. thabiiighomie

    Best cleaning products for fabric interior?

    I have the black bucket seats that are really grey and am looking for a high quality cleaning product so scrub out some caulk, paint and dirt spots. Have any of you guys used MOPAR concentrate or spray? Any other ideas? I just ordered Carhartt precision fit seat covers. But I want to restore...
  17. C

    Rebel came with rear tint?

    So in my haste I paid for window tint at the dealer, not realizing the dealer didnt install it yet (they called me later to setup an appointment, but I live 3 hours from the dealer). The rear is already tinted and I assume this was from the factory? Does anyone know what % the rear is tinted?
  18. d_THRILL

    Leather Discoloration

    Is anyone having any issues with their leather discoloring? Specifically, the Indigo/Frost leather interior? I have several spots (on the blue portion of the leather) on the back of both front seats that look like the dye is fading. It's almost as if you had white chalk on your hands and touched...
  19. R

    Key for the glove compartment

    Hello everyone, I just picked up a 2019 1500 LARAMIE and noticed that the glove compartment has a keyhole. But I was not given a key for it. I'm going to reach out to the dealership later this week. Does anybody know if it comes with a key? Thanks.