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  1. Guysramrebel

    12 inch unconnect question

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my 8.4 inch nav screen to a 12.1 inch screen from infotainment.com everything works great but I have been battling uconnect to stop sending me updates for the 8.4 screen and to switch it to the 12.1 updates. Uconnect says only my dealer can do it and guess what the...
  2. J

    Limited Steering Wheel Upgrade on Bighorn

    So as the title says, today I finally received the limited steering wheel with the 'wood' on the top and realized too late that I am missing a piece of the bezel for the 6 clock position of the steering wheel that the stock bighorn wheel doesnt typically have. Now comes the help from you guys...
  3. T

    What fell off the bottom of my 2019 (DT) Ram 1500?

    After a very cold night I started driving to work and heard a dragging noise under the truck. When I got out this was hanging underneath from one side of the truck, and the other end was dragging. Cut it off to go to work and would like to replace it now, but I have no idea what it is. Thanks
  4. K

    wiring help

    i installed a. Line out converter and spliced into my speaker wires on the passenger side, i also spliced into an orange wire with a white stripe for my renote turn on, does anyone by chance know what thay wire is?
  5. Jwrichardson

    Anyone having creaking or clicking sounds when turning left?

    When driving over 5mph and turning the wheel left, the steering makes a clicking or creaking sound. Truck has been to the dealership 2 times for different parts. Steering rack and pinion and steering shaft gear replaced, to no avail. The dealership told me this is a “variant” of normal! I almost...
  6. D

    Looing for Help on Gas Tank upgrade

    Hey Guys, Happy Holidays and happy RAM adventures! lol. I am about to purchase a travel trailer so my wife and I can begin traveling around the country. I made a mistake when building my current truck and let the factory default 23gal tank...remain in my build. Big mistake on my end and I own...
  7. J

    Part help!

    Can somebody tell me what this part is? It broke off the back of my front bumper on the inside. Looked like it was protecting a silver metal rod
  8. T

    Steering Gear Box Back Ordered

    Folks I need some help. I was in an accident in July, and had to have my truck towed to the nearest dealership. The people at the collision center determined that the truck needed a new steering gear and that it would be delivered on August 24th. I called again today and was told that the part...
  9. Dontfront82

    Hello 3.5 lift kit specs QUESTION/INFO

    Hello everyone, new here just got my ram last week! Love it so far! Recent Add ons are listed on my profile! :D I have a 2" front leveling kit on the ram at the moment and the truck rides great. Stock tires and wheels. 4x4 I want to go higher, so I wanted to see if you guys with the 3.5 lift...