1. Z

    Help Identifying Mopar Performance Exhaust

    Can anyone please confirm this is a Mopar Performance exhaust for a 5th gen? I found this on marketplace for an okay deal, but its not cheap enough for me to take a gamble on.
  2. spb_sloram

    In-depth review of Flowmaster Super 10 with factory resonators

    Hey everyone! Just thought I’d throw this out there for anyone who needs help picking out an exhaust for their truck. If you want something to wake it up a little bit, but not be too over the top then this exhaust is for you. Flowmaster Super 10 video I’ve got some comparisons between stock...
  3. ToeKnee

    Driving without exhaust tips?

    I’m planning to get my exhaust powder coated tomorrow. Is it fine to drive without exhaust tips while my tips are getting done? I was worried about the vinyl wrap on my bumper would melt.
  4. barker2444

    MBRP Exhaust w/ factory resonators

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I recently installed a MBRP 3" in/out high flow muffler replacement on my 2020 Ram 1500 5.7 w/ ETorque. I left the factory resonators in. Something I have noticed with my exhaust and several others like mine, there is a raspy noise that is noticeable. Definitely has a...
  5. 75Jimmy

    Flowmaster FlowFX Full Catback System

    hey guys, long story short I recently did an exhaust shop exhaust system comprised of a Flowmaster 40 series and resonator delete. It was okay. But weirdly it felt like it slowed down my truck a bit and the shop did a crap job with some of the ugliest welds I’ve ever seen! So, chopped that all...

    14" Magnaflow w/ resonator delete

    Sound clip after removing the 2 rear resonators with 14" Magnaflow. 2020 1500 CC 5.7.
  7. ZachhAttackkk93

    Exhaust dealer or affiliate.

    First post y'all. Looking to buy an exhaust for my Big Horn, set on Flowmaster's American Thunder series P/N 817843... Given the times, are there any smaller shops or dealers that can get me one? I'd like to support smaller businesses, if possible. I'm located in southern California (93041)...
  8. C

    Black Soot on tail pipes?

    Is it common to get black soot on your exhaust tips? Or is this a sign of an issue? I installed a corsa cat back on my 2019 ram a few months back and never noticed anything until pass two weeks? Now it appears I always have a nice layer of black soot. last weekend I even cleaned and polished...
  9. Waterfowler41

    How to: Removing OEM exhaust without cutting and installing Kooks Catback (step by step with pics)

    How to remove the factory exhaust WITHOUT cutting and install the Kooks catback system on the 2019+ Ram 1500 trucks. I bought this kit for a few reasons. First and foremost, its T304. I have owned several 304 kits in the past and swear by them in the salt belt. These kits last. Yes 409...
  10. Konrad

    Exhaust Bypass Valve Actuator?

    I was looking at a wiring diagram of 2019 DT (supposedly 5.7 eTrq) and noticed this: Do our trucks use some kind of bypass valve? Like in those "active exhaust" systems? Can't seem to find any info on this. I'm new to DT (and RAM in general) and trying to learn as much as possible about our...
  11. B

    Leasing and modifying exhaust

    Hey guys! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, I ran a few keyword searches but came up dry. Like most of you, the exhaust on the Hemi is nice, but just not enough for me. I've had a Cobalt a 17 Ram V6 and now I finally have the HEMI, I want to hear the power! I leased my 19 Big Horn...
  12. ZonaRam44

    Aftermarket exhaust drone while towing?

    I'm fairly new here (this is the first thread I've posted) and I've been searching everything related to towing and exhaust, but haven't found anything on this topic so here I go. I'm looking at an exhaust for my next mod, Borla S Type is at the top of my list at the moment. I also want to get a...
  13. R

    2019 V6 Rebel Exhaust

    Anyone with a 2019 V6 Ram Rebel that has an exhaust system installed? I’m looking to what’s out there that it will fit it.
  14. S

    Delay corsa

    Did someone order a corsa exhaust with cerakote or gunmetal tips. I ordered mine with gunmetal tips 4/5 weeks ago and still did not receive anything. I sent them an email and they told me there was something with the tips. The exhaust with the normal (satin polished) tips, is available. It's...
  15. DonsRam19

    Exhaust tip adjustment

    Made a video on how to adjust your stock exhaust tips. I also have more videos of our trucks on my YouTube page so if your interested please subscribe. Thank you.
  16. SexyJustice

    Borla Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for 6.4 Bed?

    I've looked through the Borla catalog but I noticed the compatibility details list Crew Cab with short bed or Quad Cab with 6.4 Standard Bed. I have a Crew cab with a 6.4 bed. Has anyone found a compatible setup? If not what's a good alternative?
  17. R

    Exhaust Cutouts on Rebel?

    Just picked up my new Rebel a few days ago and already have the itch to start some modifications. The Hemi needs an exhaust, but this truck is so incredibly refined and pleasant to drive around that I don't want to ruin it with an obnoxiously loud exhaust that drones everywhere. I came from a...
  18. Mason1217

    Stock Exhaust set up?

    What Is the stock 5.7 non e torque muffler set up? I keep looking at something like flowmaster series 40, but there are so many options that say are direct fit? Single in, dual out. Single in, single out. 2.5 inch. 3.5inch, how can they all say direct fit? Is there any that are actually a direct...