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  1. M

    4WD Not Working Properly

    For the last few weeks my 4WD has been acting weird. When I push 4 Auto, 4 High and 4 Low I hear it engage, but the buttons just blink. I drive around a little and can definitely tell I'm in 4 high even though the 2wd light is solid and 4 high is blinking. Every now and then the "Service 4WD"...
  2. Tesla

    4WD Light Blinking

    Well I finally had my first issue with my 5th gen. Roads got horrible out of nowhere and I pressed 4WD Auto after starting my truck, but the 2WD light stays on while the 4WD auto light just blinks. Tried shutting it off for 10 mins and still did the same thing. Any ideas what it could be...
  3. 22Rebel_USCG

    Well, it’s broken:(

    Story time everyone, So I’m in New England, just south of Boston. Yesterday about midday, I decided that I’m going to the gym before the snow gets to bad and I actually have to shovel my truck out. (There’s about a foot in front of my driveway from the plows). So I start the ol’Rebel up for...
  4. C

    4wd low 2020 ram 1500?

    There was about a foot of snow on the ground and I had to climb very steep hill and 4wd high didn’t work so I went in 4lo and made it up there hill then turned onto the next road and went about 10-12mph and then pulled over to go back to 4auto is this ok for the truck? just wanted to make sure
  5. T

    2020 Rebel - Question on 4WD Hi vs Low

    Just looking to understand the difference between them. A few specific questions: 1. When in 4WD Hi, is the split always 50/50 front to rear? 2. Is there any difference of power distribution between 4WD Hi and Low, or is the only difference between them the gearing? Tried to find some real...
  6. K

    4x4 ghost

    Anyone ever get in their truck and feel like the 4wd turned on by itself?
  7. Rocket Pig Rebel

    4wd Transmission binding

    Starting a new thread on this because I am not sure what is going on with my 2019 Rebel. It has severe binding if you turn in 4wd. I took it to the dealer and the service manager took it for a ride, then he drove another rebel on the lot. he then said "Since they both do it, it must be how it is...
  8. B

    First Sand Drive with the 2019 Off-Road Package

    So I finally got my 2019 Ram Laramie with the Off Road Package out in the deep sand and here is my laundry list of questions and some impressions. 1) The general rule for sand driving is to turn off traction control. I like to use the 4WD Auto setting for the portion between the thick sand...
  9. HKP7PSP

    0-60 Time with the 5.7L and 3.92 axle

    Hey all, figured I've posted on enough threads now to comfortably make my own. Since I am at 1100+ miles now, beyond the recommended break-in, I felt it was safe to do a proper wide open throttle acceleration run. I couldn't find any 0-60 videos that were for-certain running a 3.92 axle ratio...
  10. d_THRILL

    4 Wheel Drive (4WD) Not Working

    Anyone have issues switching into 4wd? Today is the first day since buying the truck the opportunity presented itself with snow coming down here in the northeast. However, 4wd would not engage for me. While driving I tried switching into Auto 4WD. After blinking for a few seconds it would fail...