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2020 1500

  1. L

    Need Help: Batteries keep dying in my 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie

    I’m new to the forum so I apologize if I didn’t post this properly or post it in the right place, but I need help and would love to know if anyone else has been experiencing this issue and also if anyone has solved their issue. I bought a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 5.7 a year ago. The battery...
  2. devmcc

    Removing the tailgate from 2020 RAM 1500

    I found another thread on this topic, but either I'm totally missing something or it's just shameful user error . . . I do not have the "easy off" tailgate. I've removed the wiring brackets/harness, unclipped the cables, and I can easily lift off the right side of the tailgate, but the left...
  3. RSVDon

    2020 5.7 eTorque Knocking

    Oh boy....this shouldn't be my first post, but unfortunately it is. Been lurking for years since buying a 2020 1500 Big Horn Night w/ 5.7 eTorque. I'm absolutely in love with this truck, the way it looks, the way it rides. It's been great. This morning, like the flick of a switch, now I'm...
  4. N

    Brake Moan - 2020 Rebel

    All - much thanks to this forum I was able to find the TSB for brake moan on the 5th gen Ram. I had my dealer perform this about a week ago - and this morning the moan was still there and still as loud as ever! This is getting beyond frustrating (more annoying than anything) and am wondering...
  5. Jaxx252

    2020 ecodiesel oil consumption

    Hi everyone, First time posting on here. I'm putting up this post as my truck is now in the shop for what was thought to be a seized engine at first. The dealership has pulled all 6 injectors and found the engine to be hydrolocked and down 2 liters of oil all of which ended up in the PCV valve...
  6. K

    Tow Hook Installation

    Hi All- I just attempted an OEM tow hook installation on my 2020, and the long body mount bolt that is existing on the truck would not come out; to the point where the head began to start to round off. I left it alone but any suggestions/experience with this issue? Thanks, Ken
  7. G

    2020 Ram ecodiesel engine not shutting off

    My 2020 ram 1500 longhorn ecodiesel was not shutting off as the push button start was unresponsive while trying to shut off. After about 30 minutes i pushed the button 10-15 times non stop and it turned off. I haven’t started it since. Its night time and the dealer isn’t open till Tuesday due to...
  8. Saunders55

    Wheel spacers

    Looking to put some 1.5” wheel spacers on my 2020 ram 1500 built to serve. I don’t want to have to cut the lugs. Anyone know if I’ll be okay running a 1.5” spacer ? If so will I need to do an alignment after installing them ?
  9. J

    Is the 5.7 hemi DI?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the page have some questions about the 5.7 hemi. I am thinking about trading my 2019 silverado just because the DI “direction injection” makes me nervous since it has a lot of carbon build up issues. Does anyone know if the 5.7 hemi is Direct injection? I Appreciate...
  10. F

    Factory order 2020 Laramie

    Hey everyone, I just ordered my first Ram via dealership. Mostly because I read on this site how easy it is and also what I wanted nobody seemed to have. 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie 4wd crew 5’7” in patriot blue. MSRP before options was 46990. After options and delivery was 57485. They threw in some...
  11. L

    Help with Lightbar Wiring - 2020 ram 1500 Laramie

    Hi Guys, Been reading a lot here but first time posting. I've got a 2020 1500 and installed a Westin Lightbar earlier this year... The light bar has a toggle switch that can run high beams or a daytime running light sort of thing. I want to wiring the lightbar to a key-on power source only...
  12. R

    Wrangler TO REBEL

    Hello, I just traded in my 2 door JL wrangler for a 2020 RAM Rebel. I Looking forward to becoming a member of this community and to start a mild daily driver build. I’m from Boston.
  13. UNKALJ

    14" Magnaflow w/ resonator delete

    Sound clip after removing the 2 rear resonators with 14" Magnaflow. 2020 1500 CC 5.7.
  14. RamVader

    New Member & New to Ram

    Hi everybody. My name is Vito, I live in Calabasas, California I am very excited I came across this forum! Allow me to ramble on about myself so you can understand my experience with trucks and towing. ( feel free to scroll down to the Ram info if you are not interested ) I have only owned Ford...
  15. 2020blckout

    Rear view mirror camera !!

    Wondering is some one have try this ? I want to install a rear view mirror camera on my 2020 limited , I have limo tint all around and can barely see trough rear glass My 2018 escalade have the mirror camera and is amazing also the new chevys have them too! does anybody knows if this is...
  16. Rockman

    Ecodiesel Review

    I did a review on the new ecodiesel. This video has many views of truck and details of all features. It also includes a drive... I have many 5th gen Ram reviews on my channel please like and subscribe. 2020 Ram 1500 Limited Ecodiesel Review 2020 Black Appearance 1500 Limited 4x4