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Jun 30, 2020
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Hi Guys,
Been reading a lot here but first time posting. I've got a 2020 1500 and installed a Westin Lightbar earlier this year... The light bar has a toggle switch that can run high beams or a daytime running light sort of thing. I want to wiring the lightbar to a key-on power source only... Problem is, I cannot find one anywhere. I'd like to be able to keep the lightbars' daytime running light on, when the truck is running and have it shut off when the truck is turned off. After plenty of reading, I thought I could run power from the 12v cigarette lighter from on top of the infotainment center which people have done with 2019 rams... Not until I finished wiring everything did I realized ram had changed the 2020 cigarette lighter to a constant power source (hence the battery symbol on the Cigarette lighter lid...I know, I shoulda figured that earlier than I did.) Is there any other Key-On power options I can tie the lightbar to directly? Thanks in advance.

I've attached some pictures to help, hopefully.


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