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  1. Thekidcasual

    Bed Organizer/extender Suggestions

    Have you had anything back there when extended out? How did it support.. read somewhere that it’s not suitable that way
  2. Thekidcasual

    Center console lockbox

    Anyone have this happen to there lock box?? Mine seems to have popped off on my built to serve
  3. Thekidcasual

    After market skid plates for 5th Gen RAMS?

    Did you ever build one or even pick up the one from Australia
  4. Thekidcasual

    Gas fill issues

    Someone on a different gas thread said put the nozzle all the way in then back it out a hair.. started doing this my self hasn’t shut off once after
  5. Thekidcasual

    Rambox tonneau cover

    I don’t have to open th cover to close th tailgate it closes just fine
  6. Thekidcasual

    Wheel liners and Rambox what fits?

    Spoke to dealership today about instal they said 260$ lol that’s a crazy number for something like that
  7. Thekidcasual

    Wheel liners and Rambox what fits?

    This come with both driver and passenger side?
  8. Thekidcasual

    Wheel liners and Rambox what fits?

    Do you have model numbers?
  9. Thekidcasual

    Rear wheelhouse liners: protective, or just for looks?

    Do you have ram boxes on you BTS? mom looking for liners but none show they’ll work with ramboxes
  10. Thekidcasual

    Borla S-Type too loud

    Where are you located?’I’ll take it off your hands
  11. Thekidcasual

    Ceramic Coated 2019 Rebel

    Damn your sister sounds great! Does she have a Instagram?
  12. Thekidcasual

    steering wheel volume controls...why is this designed for right hand use?

    Just turn th wheel 180 degrees. And problem solved .
  13. Thekidcasual

    #1 Rated Ceramic Coating - Black Friday Sale!

    Always wanted to do this myself, but you do need a garage or solid cover so that you prevent and dust or degree back on paint and to keep it out of th elements for I believe 24-48hrs after coated.. anyone have a garage available I can borrow lol
  14. Thekidcasual

    Co-worker new ride

    9mpg isn’t bad for that beast. I get 11mpg on a good day run.. for the Trx if it was in my budget I’d take th 9mpg allday