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    My opinion is if it is documented before the warranty is expired they will fix it even if past miles or time once parts show up. Especially in these current delayed times. I would suggest you get documentation that shows what the problem is, mileage and date. I wouldn’t count on their system to...
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    Air Dam Actuator

    So I hit a piece of tire tread and ripped mine off, it took the air dam and the motor actuator. All that was left was the plastic pieces under the mounting nuts. The wires broke off but long enough to connect back to, I drove it for over a year without issue, then I got a check engine light and...
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    Cracked windshied 2019 5th gen

    If the crack was caused from a rock chip then it’s you or your insurance. What caused the crack? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What do these do ???

    I think you are correct, you won’t be able to tell if the dash light works unless the headlights or running lights are on and it is dark out. As for the dome light, do you have one? If you do check the bulb, if you don’t it is most likely just there because it is the same dash as many...
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    All season floor mat recall???

    Thank you 2019 Ram 1500 cc Laramie Tapatalk
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    All season floor mat recall???

    If you get a new mat, can you post a pic. I would like to have something to show my dealer. Thanks 2019 Ram 1500 cc Laramie Tapatalk
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    USB/CarPlay doesn’t work when real hot

    So they replaced the media hub that was causing the issue wit front USB ports not working, part #68397098AE. IT is has only been a day but hopefully it works now, even with the heat, mine only failed on hot days.
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    All season floor mat recall???

    They cut my mat today, my service writer assured me that there will be new mats available, he said it could be several months out, but this was not a permanent fix, just a quick fix to appease lawyers.
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    USB/CarPlay doesn’t work when real hot

    So I have had the truck at the dealer for over a week and the audio module that controls the front usb and CarPlay keeps getting pushed back on the delivery date so I picked up my truck today. They will call me back when the part shows up. I don’t know if it a common issue but they knew what to...
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    USB/CarPlay doesn’t work when real hot

    Thanks RamCares, I have it at Dealer now, they are still troubleshooting the TPMS issues, but they so far have replaced the fan on the seat vent and have a module on order that they say is the cause of the USBs on the dash and carplay not to work when in the heat. I wont have any part numbers or...
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    UConnect “accept” every time?

    Mine doesn’t, I have the 8.4 no navigation if that makes a difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    USB/CarPlay doesn’t work when real hot

    Ok I will take to dealer, I will let you know what they say. My TPMS is failing again too now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    USB/CarPlay doesn’t work when real hot

    So I have an intermittent issue, at work my truck sits in the sun, Vegas has been like 110 so cab is roasting. So when I leave work, the USBs on the dash don’t work, doesn’t register when I plug in to charge or for CarPlay. The next day after sitting all night it works as normal. It has happened...
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    TPMS issue resolved

    Bought a set of rims and tires from a rebel, found out later he took the TPMS sensors out, so I bought 4 from dealer and had discount install last Friday, I took them home and swapped them out and drove about 30 miles and they never picked up. Later that day I took the truck back out to pick up...
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    Forgot to shut off truck!!

    I admit I like the newer creature comforts, auto lights, auto dim, automatic transmission, auto wipers. I don’t want my truck to auto shut off, if I leave it running, I want it running. If I ever forget to shut it off, that’s my fault, but if I leave it on for my older grandparents, or dog, I...