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  1. L


    Ive got a 2023 ram 5500 that i use as a repo truck, i was wondering about how to unlock all the hidden features of the uconnect radio. such as developer options and whatever else I may be able to do.
  2. rushingad

    Low volume from door speaker locations

    Need some audio advice. I have a 2020 Bighorn 1500 with the Alpine system and the 6x9s in the door panels seem to have barely any sound coming from them. At max volume I can hold my ear directly against the speaker and not really hear much. I'm honestly concerned that there's a problem with my...
  3. R

    Static Noise throughout all Speakers/Radio

    Today, while driving I was trying to scroll fast though a list of folders on a USB media source and everything now that comes through the speaker system is static sounding and garbled. This is for everything, all sources, that play through them. Now, I did have this issue years ago on the same...
  4. Jakefromstatefarm22

    Uconnect 5 Glitches

    I have a 2022 Ram 1500 with the 12” display. CarPlay glitches non stop. The screen will sometimes randomly fade to gray, or will stay completely black. I’ve done the resets. It’s extremely disappointing because I know the dealership will just say do another reset.
  5. T

    Uconnect not automatically playing from bluetooth, changing audio source

    This issue just began in the past week, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers. In every other bluetooth enabled vehicle I've ever been inside of, when you turn it on it just goes back to your bluetooth or whatever was on last as your source. My truck has recently began turning to FM or XM radio...
  6. bratesrule

    Subscriptions for the Infotainment

    So it happened. I have owned the truck for a year now and now i need to subscribe to EVERYTHING. Cellular, Sirius radio, some Sirus for Uconnect thing, and also another one for Nav? Am i missing any? This would get costly. What is everyone else doing with this? I am thinking maybe just keep...
  7. BEANO52

    UConnect - contacts disappearing from radio

    2020 Ram - 8.4" UConnect - Samsung / Android Auto I will "save" a contact after a phone call in the top tabs of the UConnect screen. The contact will be saved for awhile, maybe a day, maybe a few days. At some point all the contacts will just erase and the "HOLD to save" will be back up. Any...
  8. F35Driver

    UConnect Worth It?

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm stationed overseas and I'm building out my retirement gift to myself for when I move back to the states (will actually save money based on the vehicle shortage). I'm looking at the 1500 Laramie w/ 5.7 V8 Hemi (not the eTorque). I'm back and forth between...
  9. S

    8.4 no nav uconnect version

    about a 2 months ago I realized my rear camera soft key is no longer displayed on the screen. went through settings and couldnt find anything for it. tried battery unhook. still nothing. curious to see what SW/HW version everyone else has and if an update is what it might need. mine is...
  10. RamCares

    Uconnect 4 Soft Reset/Reboot Instructions

    Hello everyone, After receiving some feedback, it was brought to our attention that Uconnect 4/4C users would like to have their soft reset/reboot instructions easily accessible. For all of your convenience, you may find the instructions below. Soft Reset 1. Put your vehicle into the...
  11. jmcmahan15

    Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter recommendation

    Any recommendations on a wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter? I've seen some on Amazon, but before I buy one, just curious if anyone has any experience with one. Thanks!
  12. S

    Battery disconnect

    I disconnected the battery prior to a throttle body clean. I took the throttle body out and cleaned it, wasn't that dirty. I reconnected the battery. Then... Uconnect 12 " display When I selected reverse my backup camera never came on AC, in auto, will only let me select HI or LO no temperature...
  13. R

    Samsung Galaxy S20 - No Longer Connects Phonebook

    I recently updated (forced rather) the software on my Samsung S20. Since updating, my phone phonebook will no longer connect to my truck. I can save individual numbers to my favorites, but it routinely will be erased for seemingly no reason. Has anyone else experienced this issue?? From what I...
  14. RamCares

    Uconnect Experience Feedback

    Ram Nation: We are always striving to improve your ownership experience. Today, we are interested in hearing about your comfort level with the Uconnect system & connected services in your Ram truck. Please take our quick poll (approx. 30 sec.) and leave any additional comments below. Useful...
  15. K

    iPhone GPS out of whack when connected via Carplay

    I recently bought 2019 Bighorn that has the 8.5" screen with Uconnect and Navigation. When I test drove it I connected my iPhone to test Carplay. When I used Google Maps the GPS was putting the CVP (current vehicle position) all over the map, but never synced with the route. I thought it was...
  16. Dave_Drums

    MAJOR electrical issues!!!!

    I’ve been searching the forum for some issues I’ve been having and have been able to find similar situations, primarily the driver side Ram box opening and the driver side tail light staying on. But tonight, with my 2.5 year old son with me, we had MAJOR safety issues IMO. Absolutely...
  17. Yosamitysam

    Adding the cargo camera/trailer camera

    I have a 2020 Laramie 2500 with the 12” Uconnect. It came with the trailer camera plug/wiring on the rear bumper. Has anyone ran a non-Mopar camera through this? And second: has anyone successfully added the Mopar cargo/third brake light camera? Not even sure if my Uconnect can support this...
  18. G

    2021 Uconnect Offroad Pages

    I see the 2021 1500's offer the offroad pages on the 8.4 & 12.1" screens now. I was hoping somebody who has a new 2021 with offroad pages could post up what Software version their Uconnect is running. I currently have the Offroad pages option turned on in AlfaOBD on my 2019 HD, however since...
  19. J

    No sound from speakers???

    So, I started my beautiful truck this morning like I always do, connect my phone to listen to a podcast on my morning drive to work and I’m met with silence...turned the volume all the way up. Still silence. I turned off Bluetooth, turned the radio on. Silence. Made a phone call, silence...
  20. W

    UConnect not working

    I have the 2020 Laramie with the 12 inch screen. I installed my kn intake today and had to disconnect the battery in doing so. I have a couple questions and issues. 1.) back up camera and sensors don’t work. Why? 2.)a red bolt of lighting light shows up when I first start my truck up. Does...