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uconnect 12

  1. SexyJustice

    12 Inch Uconnect terrible sound.

    About an hour ago, I started the truck (2019 Laramie Sport) and noticed that my SXM presets had all been wiped to default. More concerning was the fact that all the channels are unreasonably loud and sound terrible. Anybody have anything similar happen to them?
  2. Guysramrebel

    Which one is “better”

    If y’all were gonna buy a rebel which interior would you choose?
  3. I

    Upgrade 2019 RAM 1500 Infotainment to Uconnect 5

    Since i’ts been confirmed that 2022 Ram 1500 will support Uconnect 5, do you think that 2019 Ram 1500 owners will be able to update their system to Uconnect 5. If not, do you think we will be able to replace our current infotainment aiment system with the new Uconnect 5 version? Info: I...
  4. R

    Uconnect and main OS not functioning

    I have been all over here and the HD Ram forums and have only seen a few mentions of this issue. 2021 Laramie EcoDiesel, 4K mile and picked up 12/2020. I got the latest UConnect flash last week, installed OTA successfully. While driving the next day, the main screen started flashing between...
  5. M

    Override for 10 sec display for camera views while driving

    Does anyone know how to keep the rear camera (or any of the other camera) view on permanently while driving? It appears to be factory set to timeout after 10 sec and I cannot find a way to keep it on permanently. It's just a hassle to keep pushing the button when I want to confirm what is in...
  6. SexyJustice

    12 Inch Uconnect completely unresponsive

    Hi guys, A few months ago I did the dreaded OTA update on my 19 Laramie Sport. Since then it has progressively developed issues over the last few months. Namely, the "Loading Sirusxm Please Wait" screen lock bug happens to me at least a couple of times a week. However, this evening I ran into a...
  7. T

    Ram Rebel imported from Canada Uconnect issues....... Loosing my mind!

    Need Help!! I just purchased my first Ram here in Ohio and it is a used 2019 Rebel from Canada. I am having a terrible time with Mopar and Sirius pointing fingers at each other when trying to activate the UConnect. I am also trying to figure out how to get the Day Time Running Lights off which I...
  8. J

    UConnect Issues with Used 2019 Ram 1500 Limited

    I bought a used 2019 Ram 1500 Limited about 2 months ago and have been researching online trying to find a fix but I have yet to find anything. So, the problem is this: The UConnect (12”) and Sirius systems seem like they’re still attached to the former owner of the vehicle, and I have no clue...
  9. Dave_Drums

    Phone STAYS CONNECTED after exiting...

    I tried to search this and didn’t see anything so please link if I missed. I’m on my phone for work all day (iPhone 11). When I run an errand the truck does a good job of asking me if I want to transfer the call to UConnect. When I get back home and park there is no reminder so I’ve learned to...
  10. JrTwin

    Missing passenger controls

    Anyone else have issues with passenger controls missing. Also now missing backup camera. Did power disconnect overnight. That did NOT work. Climate control also screwed up right now. All of this due to a dead battery. Very odd. HELP Please !!
  11. Dave_Drums

    Disappointed with Harmon Kardon sound

    Just traded my 2016 Escalade Platinum on a 2020 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel. I knew I’d be giving up some creature comforts like massaging seats, electric cooler in center console, rear seat media, ride quality to a certain degree, etc. I DID NOT expect to take a massive step back in sound...
  12. NoCrow

    Can't hear google on Android Auto

    Hey guys. First off I've never used any kind of forum so sorry if I do it wrong. I just picked up a 2019 Ram Laramie with the 12" unconnect. At first when I plugged my phone I would activate microphone for voice control and it would listen but not do anything. Then listen again. Then it...