1. B

    Towing impact to battery / alternator

    I've been towing a lot this summer with a new 2020 Ram 1500 Long Horn 5.7 non-etorque hemi. It has the stock 160 amp alternator (not optioned up). My dashboard digital gauges indicate the charging system is normally around 14.2 v. However, on long towing days (>4 hours), most of which have...
  2. J

    An engineer's Ultimate Guide to 3.21 vs 3.92 axle ratio

    I hope this post will help to end the debate with facts and not opinions, and become THE post people refer to those who are having a hard time deciding. You already know that 3.92 is better for towing, and 3.21 gets better fuel economy, so I will talk about what you might not know Bottom line...
  3. F

    2WD Rear coil spring suspension

    I don't like the deep bounce when I am towing my travel trailer. I installed the Air Lift bags in my coil springs. I would like a system that is more substantial. What do you recommend?
  4. B

    2019 V6 Pentastar Reviews?

    Hey all. I'm strongly considering getting the 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn with the V6. I'm tired or reading what the EPA says the mpg "should" be or how much the truck "should" be able to tow. What's it like in the real world? (MPG, towing, overall utility, etc.) Thanks!
  5. Joshuablake48

    11,000lb camper towing with 2019 big horn

    So I just bought a used 2019 ram bighorn recently and I just discovered the max towing is only around 9,000 lbs since I have the 3.21 gear ratio. Would I need to upgrade to 3.92 gear to get the towing capacity of the laramies? I think they tow close to 13k? This is my first ram ever and I bought...
  6. ZonaRam44

    Aftermarket exhaust drone while towing?

    I'm fairly new here (this is the first thread I've posted) and I've been searching everything related to towing and exhaust, but haven't found anything on this topic so here I go. I'm looking at an exhaust for my next mod, Borla S Type is at the top of my list at the moment. I also want to get a...
  7. E

    possible to add power folding mirrors?

    Despite the window sticker verbage "Power Multi–Function Fold–Away Mirrors", my 2019 Limited Ram pickup mirrors DO NOT fold by themselves against the truck. There is a space for a button to do this, like my Tahoe, but Ram just put a plastic filler there - no actual button. Has anyone ever added...