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  1. C

    Guidance on towing capacity for a 2019 RAM1500 Warlock 4x4 5.7L

    Fairly new to towing with this new rig....a RAM and a larger trailer. I am seeing conflicting messages on what my truck is rated for 7600 - 12k lbs plus tow capacity. My new travel trailer is 7600 lbs dry weight. Will this truck work, and if not, are there any upgrades I can do (cost...
  2. EveryoneIsAnotherYou

    Can Tow Mode Canera and 360° Surround Trailer Camera options be combined?

    My 2022 RAM 1500 Limited came with the new 360° surround camera system for towing plus the kit of four camera (but no 5th Tow Mode camera). I understand through various forum postings that the Surround Camera system cuts your camera view above 8mph and it also doesn’t show you the rear view in...
  3. EveryoneIsAnotherYou

    TPMS for travel trailer spare tire?

    I have a 2022 RAM 1500 Limited that came with the 360° camera kit and four TPMS sensors for a dual axle trailer. Does anyone know if it’s possible to acquire a 5th trailer TMPS so the trailer’s spare tire can also be monitored? (I’m not readily able to tell if the truck’s trailer TPMS supports...
  4. Chris B

    2022 Ram Ecodiesel Towing 30' TT

    I've read a lot of great information on this site and wanted to start sharing my experiences. I recently purchased a 2022 Ram Laramie CrewCab Ecodiesel for the main purpose of pulling our 30' Travel Trailer. For those in the group that want to know, it does have the 3.92 gears, 1612lb...
  5. 31RamIt

    Towing with Lowered 5th Gens

    Can anyone post some pictures and setups for towing with a lowered truck? I know there are a few here, but I'd like to see some specific examples. Trying to convince my wife a 2/4 drop is okay with our Hideout 176LHS. @ferraiolo1 @Mopar_maxi
  6. 5thgen.ram

    Towing with 37s?

    I’m looking into getting a travel trailer and there’s plenty of info on here from guys with relatively stock trucks, but I was wondering if anybody has towed with 37 inch tires on their Ram? I know the 37s robbed a lot of power on my truck, but idk how heavy I could still confidently tow? I have...
  7. 187penguin

    Towing 35’ Travel Trailer with 3.6L 1500

    Towed this setup about 200 miles. Left it in “tow” mode and set cruise control to where it comfortably held about 2200 rpms and didn’t need to search for gears going over every little hump, which was about 65mph. The auto sway control is super cool. There was a very stiff crosswind for some of...
  8. E

    2019 RAM 2500 Deisel Towing Issues (with Hensley)

    Hello All, Just curious and hoping that I can get some assistance or tips on an issue I'm having. I swapped out my 2018 Ford F-150 XLT (gas) with a 2019 RAM 2500 Cummins mainly for towing reasons. We have a large 36 ft camper that we haul around quite a bit in the summer and had plans on going...
  9. KD7ENM

    Weight Distribution Hitch Poll

    Just wondering what weight distribution hitches everyone is using for towing travel trailers. What works, what doesn't? Any issues with sway or turning?
  10. F

    Transmission issue while towing

    While towing my boat my truck gets to a high RPM (4,000 to 4,500) before shifting and will not get out of 6th gear unless I let off the gas and let it down shift. I have video of me going 55mph in tow mode with cruise control set and it wouldn't shift up, it stayed at 4,000 rpm until I let off...
  11. J

    1540 payload, what are you towing?

    Looking for campers we can comfortably tow with a 2019 Rebel 3.9 V8 Hemi and air suspension. 1540 payload on the sticker 11k tow rating Family of 4 (kids are under 100lbs combined) East Coast travelers Not heavy packers Would love to hear about what you all are pulling!
  12. Wisco417

    Exhaust Mods & Towing

    Looking for some help, I currently have the Carven Competitor cut & clamp (with stock resonators) on my 2019 Bighorn, 5.7. Have had it on for about 2 years but in the last few months the tone (and drone) seems to have increased and have not been working for me (or maybe my ears have changed)...
  13. C

    V6 Towing - Washington to Nebraska

    Hey Everyone! Going to be making a 1,500mi trek from Eastern Washington to Nebraska. I am debating on towing our other vehicle, a Scion Xd with my pickup using a car transport carrier from U-Haul. Is this something my pickup can handle easily on this drive? Having zero towing experience would...
  14. B

    Towing Forest River Surveyor 240BHXL with Rebel

    I've been back and forth for the last 2 weeks trying to figure out if it would be safe to pull a Forest River Surveyor with my 2019 Rebel. I figured I would post on here and get some feedback since I plan on purchasing by the end of the week. My Rebels max payload is 1554lbs. The tongue weight...
  15. N


    What size will fit the front factory tow hooks?
  16. B

    Towing help for new 1500 purchase

    I recently bought a travel trailer with a overall length of 32'm 7500 dry weight and 833lb tongue weight. My question is because I just recently sold my truck 6 months ago and now need an new truck is what to get. my old truck was a 1500 big horn. Id love to get a new 1500 because I only tow a...
  17. B

    Towing impact to battery / alternator

    I've been towing a lot this summer with a new 2020 Ram 1500 Long Horn 5.7 non-etorque hemi. It has the stock 160 amp alternator (not optioned up). My dashboard digital gauges indicate the charging system is normally around 14.2 v. However, on long towing days (>4 hours), most of which have...
  18. J

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    I hope this post will help to end the debate with facts and not opinions, and become THE post people refer to those who are having a hard time deciding. You already know that 3.92 is better for towing, and 3.21 gets better fuel economy, so I will talk about what you might not know Bottom line...
  19. F

    2WD Rear coil spring suspension

    I don't like the deep bounce when I am towing my travel trailer. I installed the Air Lift bags in my coil springs. I would like a system that is more substantial. What do you recommend?
  20. B

    2019 V6 Pentastar Reviews?

    Hey all. I'm strongly considering getting the 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn with the V6. I'm tired or reading what the EPA says the mpg "should" be or how much the truck "should" be able to tow. What's it like in the real world? (MPG, towing, overall utility, etc.) Thanks!