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35" tires

  1. Truckone176

    Lift kit options

    I was going to lower my truck but decided on a lift instead, already have some lowered toys. Anyway, I see that there are many different options ranging from spacers to coil overs to full kits that included cross members. I really only want about 4 inches of lift to clear 35" tires, can't do 37"...
  2. BigHornDaddy318

    3.5 inch suspension lift with 35”???

    Hey guys looking to lift my 2020 Big Horn without cutting or drilling as its my daily driver and my daily commute to work is 70+ miles round trip. I found a 3.5 bolt on suspension kit by Rancho that claims 35" tires will fit. Im looking to put 35x12.50 Kanati Trail Hogs on the stock 20x9 wheels...
  3. R

    Leveling Kit

    Hey guys, I recently bought a brand new 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel. I’m extremely disappointed on the lack of lift kits on the market for these as I haven’t even found any 4 or 6 inch lifts. I have the truck booked in to get a 2 inch ReadyLift leveling kit installed, wondering if I can still...
  4. Mechanicusben

    305/70r18 Stock air ride

    I have been searching for a few weeks about what tire size will fit since my Duratracs have become worthless. So to clear the air… 305/70r18 Nitto Recon Grapplers fit stock rims, and clear everything without trimming.
  5. VegasRob55

    2.5” Bilstein Lift & 35” Ridge Grapplers

    Hey Fam, What pressure do you all have your 35” E-rated tires set to for daily/highway driving?
  6. LazyBoy

    Tuner for larger tires

    Anyone know what’s the best tuner is to use when recalibrating speedometer to match larger tires? I am running a 6” RC lift with 35” tires. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Domt1775

    1500 Limited w Air Suspension lift

    Hello, I am sure this question has been asked a million times but I am unable to find exactly what I am looking for in the forums. This is a multi-part question Just bought a 2021 1500 limited on air suspension and am looking to put a lift, tires, and wheels on it. I am being told that...
  8. S

    35 12.5 18 on stock 2019 Rebel Rims

    Hello! I have seen several discussion but nothing definitive regarding this topic. Has anyone put on 35x12.5x18 tires on the stock rebel rims with no level or lift? I am planning on new tires and want the biggest I can get without mods or if I have to a leveling kit. I was looking at Nitto or...
  9. V

    Suspention and 35 inch tires advice

    Hello all I've been reading all over the place including this and other blogs and i cant seem to find an answer for what i want. I have 2020 Rebel without air suspention all stock and i want to fit 35s on it. I do know that I will have to lift it 3 to 4 inches but the lift kits is where im...
  10. P

    Biggest tires that fit

    Hello. I’m planning on lifting my truck about 4”. What’s the the tallest and widest tires you guys have on your trucks ? I think I’ve seen people having 35x 12 tires on 20x 10 with a -52 offset on a 2.5 lift. Would this need any extra modification to work?
  11. P

    I need help with lift

    Hello. I have a 2019 Laramie 4x4 with stock 22. I want put some method nv 20x10 -24. On 35 tires. I can’t decide if I should get a Readylift 3.5” lift or a Zone 4” lift. What would you pick and why? Also how much trimming am I looking at for either application? Lastly what would give me a...
  12. M


    Will 35s fit on my 1500 big horn with just a 2” leveling kit? If not, are 33s a good fit?
  13. C

    Can 35’s run smooth on a leveled 2019 1500

    I’m weighing my options currently and looking for some input from anyone further into the process. I have the 2019 1500 Big Horn, I’m going to level it with the Ready Lift leveling kit with the control arms instead of spacers. I know the truck will fit 35’s but my question is, what are the...
  14. Mhneuds

    Park Assist Issues with 3.5" x 2" lift and 35" x 12" Tires

    I just got my 2019 Ram 1500 back from the shop and I added the Ready Lift 3.5" x 2" lift along with BF Goodrich 35" x 12", and 20" Fuel Assault Rims. The car looks awesome, but I am having issues with the parallel and perpendicular park assist. Has anyone else had this issue? If so have you...
  15. K

    2” RC level work with factory 22s & 35” Tires?

    Hey guys, new to the site. I tried searching the forums. Im installing the RC 2” front levelling struts and i have the 2019 Ram Sport (Canada) with factory 22” rims. Im wonder if 35x12.5x22 will fit the just that level or if I will need spacers. Also is there any trimming? Thanks in advance!