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    EXTENDED WARRANTY through Insurance Carrier - Geico. 7 years/100,000 miles for $210! ??

    I have Geico and was pleasantly surprised to see that has an option when I was adding my 2022 Ram, which I picked up two weeks ago, to my insurance. With a brand new limited longhorn, it averages out to ~$5 a month for the life of the 7 year coverage. That’s cheaper than I pay for apple care on...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Obligatory pictures. The truck arrived on 05/23 (my wife’s birthday, so I’ll be the primary driver for “her” truck, as fate has spoken) and I took delivery on 05/24. Funny story. I am not overly worried, but no one loves the current gas prices. I was driving home, stuck in NOVA rush hour...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    @triple_B and @Eighty my order arrived yesterday, 05/23.…right on my wife’s birthday. So I guess that makes this here truck, haha? Planning to pick it up today. @Tdmva21 for whatever it is worth, my dealer (Lustine) is located in Woodbridge, VA and I am driving up from Fredericksburg today to...
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    3.21 vs 3.92: The Last Word

    yes....but he actually did the math to produce quantifiable numbers that go beyond "somewhere in the middle".....
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    No need to contact ram chat anymore RAM BRAND VEHICLE ORDER TRACKING

    Mine shows an ETA of May 25th, while Ram chat tells me 05/18-05/25. Same difference at this point, but it seems to be as accurate as what I have been getting from my dealer and/or ram chat.
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Indeed - it was fast to BS/WS, but if my truck arrives the first half of this week as anticipated, then the WS to Lot will be about double the average for my area. Either way, it will be under 3 months, which I am more than happy with.
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    3/12/22 Limited Longhorn order here (Norther Virginia). BS/WS on ~ 04/01 and 04/02. The truck has been sitting in Maryland, waiting for transport from rail yard to dealer for a few weeks now. The eta was in flux but is now holding firm at 05/18-05/25....so I should get it in the next few days...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Same here for a delivery in Virginia. I am at day 43, with an eta of 05/18-05/23, with the average being 26 days.
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    2022 Orders

    Still stuck in delivery here. Truck was built and moved to ship ~4/4/, and has been in the local area (waiting transportation from rail yard to dealer via truck) since the start of the month. Original ETA was 05/09-05/25, and as of today is 05/18-05/25. Neither the dealer nor Ram have any...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Congrats bud. The wait is brutal. I have been in shipping since early April, with an ETA of 05/09-05/25 but no more information than that.
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    Death of the V8 & birth of a.... Inline 6?

    Where will you go next? The other manufacturers are likely to follow suit in an effort to meet emission standards. Just curious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Nice! Mine is set to arrive any day now (5/9-5/25) and is a limited longhorn in black, as well. What a beautiful truck....
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    I ordered my longhorn on 3/12, and it has arrived locally (via train) and is awaiting transport to the dealer, eta 05/09 -05/25. My WS showed up on 4/2, so the longest wait on my end was shipping.
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Is that model specific? I just got an email from my dealer stating my 2022 Longhorn is eligible for the 0% for 72 months once it arrives this month.
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    2021 Limited 1500 weak Lane Keep Assist

    Ahh - my bad if I mistook your response. I would content that neither you nor I can accurately assess the profitability of that company based on their margins. The best we have to go on is a blog post from almost 3 years ago (A 100x Investment (Part 2) - comma.ai blog) . I guess we could dig...