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    Nav offline

    Worst nav system ever. It is a complete joke. The u connect does not recognize any voice commands and you have to jump through hoops to locate a destination. I justbought my wife a subaru Ascent and the nav system is fantastic. It works flawlessly, you just say a location and it pops right up on...
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    Alarm randomly goes off, won't shut off.

    So my truck alarm went off today for no apparent reason. Nothing would turn it off. I got into the truck and started it and nothing. I went back to the house to put on a different pair of clothes because i wanted to pull the batter cable. But after the alarm had been going for 15-20 mins, it...
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    People with gas mileage issues

    I just hit 500miles on my truck and im at 14.0 for fuel economy. I live in Pa and we have lots of hills where i live. The fuel economy drops to 7 on every single hill. On the highway, im averaging about 18 mpg.
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    Just picked up a 2019 ram 1500 limited The Harman Cardin stereo is absolutely amazing

    I agree, I love the system, the bass is fantastic. The sound is amazing when i hook up my LG phone with Hi-Fi Quad DAC and the DTS 3d surround. Blows the Bose factory system out of the water that I had in my Silverado.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I was able to re-negotiate with my dealer. I was straight up and told them that while waiting for the truck, otherdealerships kept calling with better offers. I forwarded them one of the quotes and after some discussion, they agreed to lower the price. I ended close to your deal, however the...
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    Best CAI

    I would be interested as well.
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    Order Tracking

    My truck arrived yesterday, headed in to pick it up in a few days. Took exactly 4 weeks from the day of order to day of delivery.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Has anyone successfully renegotiated the price of the vehicle after they put their thousand-dollar deposit down for the order? Reason why I'm asking is because I've had a couple of dealerships (ones i walked away from) contact me since I've been waiting for the vehicle to be built and were...
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    You can get borla for 980 shipped right now. Magnaflow is what 720 or so for the cat back?
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Just got off the phone with my dealer and my truck is due in the next days. I only qualify for $1500 in rebates. The $1000 conquest and $500 chrysler cash. Im trying to decide if it would be worth my while to wait to purchase the truck until April 2nd, when the new rebates come out. Anyone have...
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    What is Known about the Bed Utility Group Options

    I feel exactly the same way. Without ram boxes, the BUG does not come with the divider, however, when you build the truck, RAM shows you a picture representing the BUG and shows the divider as part of the package. Very misleading if you ask me. I feel a little cheated on this, I looked at the...
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    Cat-back for crew cab and 6'4" bed.

    I called Borla today, and they said they were pretty confident the 5'7 and 6'4 bed crew cabs will take the same exhaust system. The gents name was Ryan at the California #, and stated he was involved with looking into the fitment for the 2019 ram crew with 6'4 bed. He said they will more than...
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    Order Tracking

    Not much longer pal. Just got a call this morning, they are expecting mine to be delivered the 25th at the dealership. I will have to wait till the 30th tho to pick it up. Its a bit of a ride to get there, and with work, a 10 month old and a pregnant wife, im not rushing out after work hours.
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    Cat-back for crew cab and 6'4" bed.

    Thanks for the responses.
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    Cat-back for crew cab and 6'4" bed.

    Has anyone installed a Cat-Back system for a crew cab with the 6.4 bed? Looking on borlas website all of their systems say they are for the crrew cab, 5.7 bed and Magnaflow website doesn't designate any size for the exhaust system just says fits Ram trucks with dual exhaust. Thanks.