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    Clunking rear hub-axle lateral movement

    He's not describing lash. He's describing something that is normal in a clipped axle diff.
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    2019 Ram Laramie Elec. Brake Controller issue...

    Welcome to the @RamCares doesn't care family. This is on the dealer. If you have something in writing, get an attorney to send a demand letter and see if they wake up some.
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    2019 RAM 4wd overheated performance temporarily reduced

    I think it's safe to say that this is a one-off situation. Common sense would tell you that.
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    2019 RAM 4wd overheated performance temporarily reduced

    very odd. It does sound like the viscous coupling clutches were overheating. If that's all it takes, I'd not be happy.
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    2019 RAM 4wd overheated performance temporarily reduced

    You had it in 4WD Auto I assume? If so...use 4WD High next time.
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    Fingers Crossed...Brake Squeal Resolved

    just do a search. It's in this thread.
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    Growling brakes in Reverse!

    There are something like 4 TSBs on this. FCA can't figure it out. Good luck. I have Chewbacca in the bed of my truck every morning. What a joke for a $74000 truck.
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    Looking for pictures...Delmonico Red

    You can build both online at Ram's site and see which you prefer.
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    Radar Detector

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    Radar Detector

    So your claim is based on someone else's testing and not your own experience?
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    Radar Detector

    Blows the 360 out of the water how, exactly? Most testers and reviews on places like rdforum find them comparable. I ran the 360C and R7 side by side and back to back for a month recently. I didn't see much difference other than the Escort being much quieter around BSM, but it's $200 more so...
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    Uconnect remote app commands not working after a while

    Yep. I'm going to call sirius/guardian and let them know that the only reason I'm not subscribing is that Ram won't fix it and make it work. Why would anyone pay for something that is known to not work?
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    Radar Detector

    The R3 is a very good detector. You'll get annoyed with the BSM falsing, tho.
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    Uconnect app question

    The whole system is a joke. More proof that @RamCares doesn't care. They've had years to get this corrected.
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    Radar Detector

    I just tested the Escort 360C and Uniden R7. I kept the R7. Escort has some serious QC issues (still....ongoing for years) You can buy refurb Escort 360 units on ebay for $250 I believe. Good unit. The new Radenso Theia will make them all obsolete later this year. I have a couple blend...