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    Outside Temperature inaccuracy

    Mine is within a degree of other devices. A pleasant surprise.
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    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    Spoken like someone who has never bent spring steel.
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    Poor mpg

    It's a big V8 and a heavy brick being pushed through the air. Expect 15-17 average at best.
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    Update: DO NOT BUY RAM WITH RAMBOX - Warping and Alignment Issue with 2019 Rams

    All that is required is a stiffening brace or spar mounted to the inside of the lid. Something with tension adjustment (length) would allow for application and then adjustment to pull the ends into alignment and would allow for adjustment going forward based on weather, etc.
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    Autostart in Phone App

    When no one pays for the subscription, they'll figure it out...maybe...
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    How long does it take for your doors to lock when driving away?

    Ya, I know what they're *supposed* to do...wondering if I'm the only one where they don't do that. Doesn't seem that I am. Sort of hoping someone took their truck in and could report a fix.
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    How long does it take for your doors to lock when driving away?

    When I first got the truck the doors locked very quickly when I started to drive. Lately, I've noticed it may take me driving over 20 MPH or sometimes 1/4 mile or more before the doors lock. It's not consistent, but not at all like it was a month ago. Anyone else?
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    Low-speed shifting seems bumpy

    Mine was good until about 2000 miles. I've noticed it acting weird slowing down and at lower speed shifting (1-2 mainly)
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    Autostart in Phone App

    Hard to believe anyone would pay to install a government spying device in your home.
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    Autostart in Phone App

    Even if it actually worked, there's no way I'm paying for it. I've given up and uninstalled the app
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    FCA Reveals Uconnect 5th Gen

    My question stands. If the answer is: "We hope that they'll make it work the way they promised it would work 2 years ago" that's not an answer.
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    FCA Reveals Uconnect 5th Gen

    What's great about it? If it follows FCA's track record, it won't work for crap and will just pi$$ people off more.
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    FCA Reveals Uconnect 5th Gen

    Hey @RamCares How about if FCA actually got the current uConnect system working correctly and as promised? You know...the system we paid for already?
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    Dead Truck Class Action Lawsuit

    Like I said...time for a different attorney.
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    2019 RAM 4wd overheated performance temporarily reduced

    Notice how @RamCares isn't piping up in this thread? #worthless