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    Tailgate (won't) unlock with remote?

    ^^^ Yup. Somewhere in the settings you can select whether pressing unlock once unlocks all doors (including tailgate) or just driver's door.
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    Convince a car guy to buy a 1500 (please)

    That's not far from the truth. Maybe not current S-Class, but it beats my sister's previous-gen S-Class. I also don't specifically need a truck. My wife and I both work from home, and we've gotten along just fine for the last 7 years with only one vehicle. I didn't really need any vehicle at...
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    How much blow by is too much?

    OK, but by how much and after how long? If we're talking 2mpg after 10k miles, that's a big deal, and worth doing something about. If we're talking .001mpg after 300k miles, then who cares?
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    Auto step problems

    Haven't had any real problems with mine, either. Once in a great while, if I happen to start the truck right when a passenger opens the door, the step won't go down. I figure that's probably by design, though, to give all the juice to the starter.
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    What Tow/Recovery Strap?

    Mine is a 24k lb ARB strap. Also have a Smitty 12k winch, an ARB tree saver, a snatch block, a pair of 3' 10k axle straps, a receiver hitch shackle, various d-ring shackles, a pair of MaxTrax, and a HAM radio if all that doesn't do it. ;) Thinking about adding a Pull-Pal, although in...
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    Should I buy this barely used Laramie Longhorn?

    My preferences are different than yours--I wouldn't want the short bed, and I wouldn't want Ramboxes (not that they're bad, just that for the way I use my truck, I want every last cubic inch of space inside the bed). However, I would not buy a truck with the tow package--it means you lose the...
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    Pleasant surprises?

    I'm 6'4", 340lbs, and I'd call it "big guy approved". (y)
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    Pleasant surprises?

    I was surprised at how comfortable the seats are on long trips.
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    U-Connect App Vehicle Data???

    Maybe they had a meeting with the Bobs
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    How much blow by is too much?

    Or...maybe because it doesn't actually hurt anything? If you dropped 3oz of oil in your driveway, then washed it away with 120 gallons of gas, would you expect any trace of the oil to still be there? Because that's what's going on in your engine every 2000 miles.
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    Why Doesn't The Fuel Door Lock?

    :rolleyes: Yes, that's exactly the same thing. Well done. If somebody's looking to steal gas, they're already walking around with a gas can and a piece of hose. To think they would be stopped by a locked fuel door because they didn't also have a pocket knife to puncture the tank is just...
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    Why Doesn't The Fuel Door Lock?

    A locking fuel door would help protect against sabotage I guess, but if anybody wants your gas, all they have to do is punch a hole in your plastic fuel tank.
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    Active Park Assist - Cast Your Vote!

    Tried it once and failed, because I didn't trust it enough to let go of the steering wheel. With the 360-degree cameras, I can park in spots I never would have believed possible anyway, so I don't have much use for the park assist.
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    Quick oil recommendations

    It's not necessary, and a case could be made that it's just a waste of money. With that said, I switched to Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and a Wix 57060XP filter at 2538 miles. I'm now around 11k miles and about to change it again.
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    Max steel de-chromed and some new shoes

    Really like those wheels.