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    Remote Mount Oil Filter

    You're worried about a group of people who are determined and knowledgeable enough to climb under the truck to look for ways to mess with you, but not determined and knowledgeable enough to bring a wrench that fits the OEM drain plug. I don't think that's a large group of people.
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    I was going to drive one of these today but...

    I get to be #3, apparently. I've had zero issues.
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    I was going to drive one of these today but...

    That's funny for two reasons. First, you can't compare MSRP with used prices to get depreciation, when nobody's paying MSRP in the first place. There are all kinds of reports here of people paying $50k for a $65k MSRP truck. If that truck is only worth $45k in a year or two, that's $5k...
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    Flat Towing 2019 1500 - Trans N and battery charge/drain?

    I have nothing helpful to contribute, but everytime I see this thread, I misread it as "Fiat Towing 2019 1500", and think "that's a terrible idea".
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    Secret Storage

    I've got both.
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    Secret Storage

    Not exactly "secret", but the sunglasses compartment in the overhead console isn't obvious.
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    5th Gen Hidden Winch

    I just used industrial-strength Velcro.
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    OFF Road Recovery Gear Opinion

    A. that's why you use a recovery strap instead of a chain B. in the absence of factory-installed recovery points, there's no place on the frame designed for that, either. I'll take my chances with the hitch.
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    OFF Road Recovery Gear Opinion

    Seems to me that's exactly what they're designed for.
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    What's with the oil catch cans?

    You are totally not getting a Christmas card from Mishimoto now.
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    Ram Box not getting its due?

    I like the idea of the Rambox, but it's not available with the 6'4" bed, it takes more volume away from the main bed than I was willing to give up (when I need the bed, I NEED the bed), and I can get maybe 90% of the functionality I'd want from the Rambox by using Diamondback's tool bin under...
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    1st world problems

    Sometimes if a passenger opens their door to get in right as I'm starting the truck, the power running board won't deploy. :(
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    Tire Chains

    Because some joker with air suspension and the tallest factory tires available will inevitably put chains on and drive around in Entry/Exit Mode and scrape something :)
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    5th Gen Hidden Winch

    Mine has air suspension, so it adjusts and there's no sag at all.