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Jared B
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  • Hey. Was wondering since I am new to this forum.... How many threads does one need to post before starting a new topic ?
    Hi Jared, Do you know of any actuall allocations for the TRX in USA? I've called over 10 dealers, most don't know anything - the local dealer even called the zone/territory manager whom said "I see that posted online as well, but I know of no allocations in the USA yet)

    Any info you have would be much appreciated!
    Hi Jared, Do you have a resource for checking out ram 1500 pricing. I've been given a net price of 65,300 (Longhorn, pretty loaded) between net price, invoice price, potential hold back room, dealer incentives (not manufacturing incentives), I'm struggling with finding my optimal bargaining range. Have you seen any posted forums that don't take a CPA to decipher? thanks
    I just joined your forum and accidentally started a new post my question is how do you continue on a thread do you reply to the person that started the post or the person at the end of the thread or in the box with my name on it
    I just joined your forum but can’t seem to get my questions to a place on the forum to get a answer, ?
    Hi, Jared thanks for the response. Yes, I joined to take advantage of the order tracking. I thought it was still working, too bad I was looking forward to utilizing the service. Please send me a refund and good luck with the forum!
    I just tried to view the tracking spread sheet. It says this page is going to be deleted. Whats up with that. I did see jeep garage (mots) has shut down there tracking. Maybe FCA has warn them???
    Hello Jared, I did the $30 up grade on Sunday 10/7 and I see the the big guy is on vacation. My Ram is not listed on the format, but I did find it in the RAW page, I am the second one from the top there. The dealer did not send my order thru till 8/28 but I placed my order on 8/18. The spread sheet states last update 10/7, can you tell me when will the next update take place. Thanks
    On Saturday I was advised my order tracking was deleted due to a new Layout. no further information was provided about my order. Please advise what this means in reference to tracking my order. Thank you.
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