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  • I just joined your forum and accidentally started a new post my question is how do you continue on a thread do you reply to the person that started the post or the person at the end of the thread or in the box with my name on it
    I just joined your forum but can’t seem to get my questions to a place on the forum to get a answer, ?
    Hi, Jared thanks for the response. Yes, I joined to take advantage of the order tracking. I thought it was still working, too bad I was looking forward to utilizing the service. Please send me a refund and good luck with the forum!
    I just tried to view the tracking spread sheet. It says this page is going to be deleted. Whats up with that. I did see jeep garage (mots) has shut down there tracking. Maybe FCA has warn them???
    Hello Jared, I did the $30 up grade on Sunday 10/7 and I see the the big guy is on vacation. My Ram is not listed on the format, but I did find it in the RAW page, I am the second one from the top there. The dealer did not send my order thru till 8/28 but I placed my order on 8/18. The spread sheet states last update 10/7, can you tell me when will the next update take place. Thanks
    On Saturday I was advised my order tracking was deleted due to a new Layout. no further information was provided about my order. Please advise what this means in reference to tracking my order. Thank you.
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