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ram rebel

  1. R

    2020 ram rebel 1500 4x2 help

    Hello I’m new here. I wanted to get a leveling kit for my ram rebel. I went to my local off-roading shop and the mechanic recommended I go with the readylift sst 3.5. I’ve been getting a lot of conflicting info. I was just wondering if that leaving kit will work on my rebel 4x2, and also if I...
  2. R

    Ram Rebel with Air Suspension Tires

    Hey guys love my ram rebel getting new tires keeping the same wheels as I love the look I have air suspension on my truck does anyone know if 33.89 needle grabbers will rub in hello mode or normal not concerned about exit interview as I don’t never use it? Please help thanks a lot about to pull...
  3. Shifts And Grins Fab

    5th Gen Ram 1500 30" Light Bar Bracket Set

    We went live with our 5th Gen Ram 1500 30" Light Bar Bracket sets. They have been selling super fast. They allow you to mount a 30" light bar behind the lower grille in the bumper. With drilling they could be used on many applications and used for shorter light bars as well. We built out all of...
  4. J

    Hello from South Jersey

    Please delete my account.
  5. brotharon

    New Ram in Houston Tx Area

    Just picked up a 2019 Ram Rebel Crew Cab. Love the air suspension and the 12" infotainment screen. I looked at a lot of trucks over the last few months and couldnt find anything else that offered as much as the Ram. When I found one that I was able to get for $23,000 off MSRP I had to jump on...
  6. J

    Water leaking into cab 2019 Rebel

    Anyone else having an issue with water pouring into the cab through the overhead console when it rains? It does not have a sunroof! I purchased the Rebel less than a month ago & has less than 1000 miles on it. Now I own a 55,000 truck with water damage! See the video below. This was after...
  7. M

    quick drawing for my rebel 2019