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leveling kit

  1. F


    Trying to determine whether or not get rid of these flares. I have never seen the truck with the 33s and no flares. I had everything done at once and I've never been a fan of these Bushwacker flares. Now I want them off but I'm a little concerned the tires are going to look way to small floating...
  2. T

    Recalibration for 35 Inch Tires w/Parallel Park Assist

    I can't seem to get a firm answer on this. I have a new 2023 Limited coming in a few weeks and I want to add a few things out of the gate. It comes with the parallel and perpendicular park assit. I'm looking at either a 1.5" level with 33" tires or a 4" BDS with 35's. One of my concerns is...
  3. L

    Leveling kit issue?

    Hi! Im new to trucks, installed a 2.5” leveling kit (spacer) this weekend. After 5-10 miles of driving received 2 warning codes (see attached files), 4WD still works. Then a day later clunking started. Everything is tight!! Debating on leaving the kit on or taking it off and would love some...
  4. B

    2021 Laramie - Air Shocks with Leveling kit

    Hello, new owner of a 2021 Laramie 4x4 night edition. Couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Curious to know if anyone has installed a leveling kit or spacers on a truck that has the air suspension? Did it change the smooth ride? Does it alter the settings/computer when the truck is achieving...
  5. jrdn2496

    2.5 inch level kit for 2wd

    so after years of owning a slammed car i decided to get a truck. i don’t do any offroading and i live in south florida so i saved some money and bought the 2wd 1500 bighorn. now i’m trying to find a 2.5 inch leveling kit for it and the only thing i can find over 2 inches is for 4wd…. what’s the...
  6. TARAM444

    Will it fit!?

    Hello everyone I’m thinking about running 285/75/18s on my 2020 ram 1500 bighorn sport 3.6 V6 have anyone ever did the same thing and is there any rubbing? is it possible to run this size on stock suspension without any rubbing or other issues ? and I’m thinking about a 2” leveling kit as...
  7. T_Rod25

    Alignment question after leveling kit/wheel and tire install

    I recently had a readylift 2” leveling kit installed along with 285/60/20 open country a/t3’s and some fuel rebel wheels in 20x10 with a -18 offset. The guy who did the install for all of that also handled getting the alignment done with a local tire shop. After receiving the truck everything...
  8. Gpenny

    Leveling 2021 Rebel with Air-Suspension

    I've been browsing the forum for inspiration for awhile now but first time posting so hi all & thanks in advance for any feedback on this. Picked up my 2021 Ram Rebel (4x4 w/ Air-Suspension) in December & it's still completely stock but looking to make some minor mods soon & hopefully starting...
  9. whiteram222

    Ready Lift 2" Level to 3.5" Lift

    I am running into an issue here. I have the 2" Ready Lift leveling kit installed on my 2019 Big Horn. After looking at their site the 3.5" suspension left kit includes the components of the leveling kit plus an additional 1.5" top hat spacer for the front and rear coil spacers with rear bump...
  10. N

    Best Leveling Kit (No spacers)

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to level my 2020 Rebel 4x4 without the airbags. Ive been eye balling the Bilstein 6112 and combining it with the Forged Aluminum Rough Country control arms, but im wondering if this is good enough for off roading or if theres something better. I do not...
  11. S

    Rebel rear leveling

    Anybody know of a kit or way to level the rear of the rebel? Can’t find anything online. Do you think stock ram springs might achieve that? I just don’t want to lift the front any higher.
  12. dlackey9795

    Leveling Kit for 2021 Bighorn

    I'm looking for recommendations for a leveling kit for my truck that uses the spacers but I don't want them to be the spring spacers rather just a bolt on configuration that won't change my ride comfort. Who has a setup like this and has been happy with it?
  13. Cutch

    Air ride UCA’s on Non-Air Ride trucks

    Clearly the UCA’s on the trucks with Air Suspension are designed for flex at different heights. Would this also mean that non-Air Suspension trucks with the same UCA’s should be fine with a level lift? Seems like the same concept right?
  14. Bee7_ivan

    Im not stock height anymore!!

    finally went up a few inches guys! check it out!
  15. S

    ICON vehicle dynamics

    Just curious if anyone has used these coil overs on a Rebel yet. I might buy these because I only want 3/4'' to 1'' of lift. On the Rebel they say it lifts the front 3/4''. They are pricey but Im assuming they are a quality product...
  16. Saunders55

    Wheel spacers

    Looking to put some 1.5” wheel spacers on my 2020 ram 1500 built to serve. I don’t want to have to cut the lugs. Anyone know if I’ll be okay running a 1.5” spacer ? If so will I need to do an alignment after installing them ?
  17. B

    Looking for ideas/help for a rim and tire set up for BigHorn1500

    Whats up everybody, Looking for some set ups for a wheel and tire mod on my truck but I’m not very experienced in the matter and wanna make sure everything goes smoothly! I own a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7 North Edition Crew cab. Most of the set ups that I have been able to find online dont...
  18. Guilbo

    2019 Ram Rebel Level kit

    I want to know y’all opinion on which level kit I should get 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 I have stocked tires. I want to know what one will be as level as possible to the back.
  19. Bee7_ivan

    The haunting of preload spacers!!!!

    Hello you guys! I bought the Rough Country 3.5 kit. Now I’m reading that if I want the full 3.5inches in front I will need to add the preload spacer, which “supposedly” will destroy the ride quality. Can I add a 3.5 top hat spacer instead?. How else can I get the 3.5 inches up in front? thanks
  20. N

    rims and leveling kit on laramie offroad

    I bought a new 2020 Laramie 1500 off road package in April and would like to put new 18s on it. Currently I am looking at the kmc km544 they are 18x9 with 18mm offset and 5.71 backspace anybody know if these will fit. I also would like to level the truck but every kit I have found says it will...