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  1. M

    2020 RAM Laramie

    Mike from Minneapolis, Minnesota 2020 Laramie and my Chocolate Lab below
  2. 31RamIt

    Rebel vs Laramie Suspension

    What are the differences? If I bought a long travel suspension kit that says it is Rebel specific, would it fit on the Laramie? Or, are their major differences to the suspension? EXAMPLE
  3. C

    Does the radio really need to be replaced ?

    Hi apparently the radio in my truck needs to be replaced as my heated seats don’t work on the medium setting only high and low work dealership says it’s the radio? I don’t see why the radio would need replaced it should be a sensor or something what a headache truck only has 10,000 miles on it
  4. mrapollo69

    '22 Laramie Mufflers

    Hey everyone, Got a '22 Laramie 5.7 etorque and wanted to get the flowmaster 50. I need a little more info as no one local has been a help. What sizes are the outlet/inlet that I'd need, what kind of outlet positions would I need, and would I need 1 or 2 mufflers? Thanks! PS: If anyone can...
  5. C

    My heated seats only have high or low

    Heated seat problem they have low med high And it’s not going to medium ?
  6. C

    Heated seats problem ??

    Heated seats have low med high on the 12in u connect I select medium and it only goes to low or high anyone else have this problem and know how to fix this ?? Thanks
  7. R

    Potential First Time Ram Owner Debating on Trim Levels

    I've owned trucks for about 25 years including half tons Ford, GM, Toyota, and Nissan. I've also owned a mid-sided Frontier. I've never owned a Mopar product. Recently decided to look into getting a used 5th gen as I've heard so much about the nice ride and just want to try out the only major...
  8. C

    5th gen HD centre console shifter

    Has anyone done a column to centre console swap in a 5th gen Cummins? I’m looking to swap mine as I’ve seen done in 4th gens before. The only 5th gen with a centre console shift that I know of is the TRX so it would have to be a trx shifter and possibly console?
  9. A

    Best Trade In Value 2019 Laramie 1500

    I’m looking to sell/trade my 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 with many options and have been getting a wide range of trade in offers in Houston,TX. Any recommendations as to the best dealer/company to get the best offer? I’ve tried KBB, Carmax, give me the vin, and a few others. KBB trade in average...
  10. C

    Ram 1500 governed ?

    How to get rid of the speed limited feature I was at the track doing some speed runs And it wouldn’t go over 105mph how to get rid of it ?
  11. J

    Key Fob Not Responding and Truck Won't Start - Possible Water Damage?

    Hello all, My 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie stopped responding to the key fob today, and wont even allow me to start the truck using the key fob on the PTS button. We had almost 3 inches of rain in the last few days, and I found the floor mat on the right rear side absolutely soaked. I reached back to...
  12. C

    everyone hate there 3:21 gears?

    so everyone hates the 3:21? I don’t find it that bad as I don’t tow super heavy And it seems more responsive and powerful than my 17 limited that had the 3:92 🤷‍♂️ I tow my horse trailer with the 3:21 And on steep hills without a problem Anyone else getting the job done with the 3:21 gears?
  13. C

    windshield is getting wet and wind noise

    hi i have been getting water on the inside of my windshield in the (winter) months and really loud wind noises at high speeds or high winds i had my windshield replaced is there a chance it was not installed or sealed correctly? or what else could be causing these problems
  14. R

    Ram 1500 heads up display

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 22 ecodiesel in a Laramie with pretty much every option that I could get including the heads up display. Ever since I got the truck, I have noticed a slight grinding/ticking noise on startup coming from the heads up display. I am able to replicate the tick...
  15. redriderbob

    AUCTION: This Handsome 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Only Has 16,576 Miles On The Odometer!

    AUCTION: This Handsome 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Only Has 16,576 Miles On The Odometer! Second-Gen Ram Is Still A Stunner... Without a doubt, the second-generation Dodge Ram 1500 (BR) was a game changer. After being left in the dust by General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor Company in the full-size...
  16. redriderbob

    Ram Officially Partners With Red Bull KTM Factory Racing In Motocross & Enduro Program!

    Ram Officially Partners With Red Bull KTM Factory Racing In Motocross & Enduro Program! Will Supply Team With Trucks & Will Be Featured Across Motorcycle & Social Media Programs... Over the past several weeks, the Ram Truck brand has been highlighted at the KTM hospitality tent at different...
  17. C

    Speed bump ram 1500 4x4

    Hi just wondering what speed y’all do I usually go about 7mph on speed bumps is that to quick or will it damage my truck over time ? It’s a 2020 ram sport with no air suspension and no lift kit all stock
  18. C

    ceramic coating question

    hi i have a 2020 ram with a ceramic coating when i bought the truck and its had some body work done due to a accident and im wondering if the bodyshop removed the ceramic coating in the area that was fixed and if its now not coated in some areas?
  19. D

    Engine stalling 5.7 etorque

    I’ll add my 2021 5.7 e-torque Laramie (13k miles) to the list of stalling trucks. The truck wasn’t warmed up completely, maybe less than 10mins of driving time. I was making a low speed left turn and then went to accelerate towards a stop sign, as I let off the gas the truck stalled and I...
  20. redriderbob

    Ram Quietly Adds Package To Downgrade To Halogen Front Lighting On Ram 1500 Laramie Trucks!

    Ram Quietly Adds Package To Downgrade To Halogen Front Lighting On Ram 1500 Laramie Trucks! Will Credit Customers $495... With the continuation of the semiconductor shortage, we have seen a number of weird repackaging options from various automakers. But it appears that Ram Trucks is now...