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  1. ChrisJ796

    Sway bar link question

    Bought a RAM a month or so ago, have only drove it a handful of times an am getting irritated. Bought it cash off a guy a gave it a walk around test drive ect with no issues. It is a limited eco diesel with a Rough Country lift, I believe it’s 5 or 5 1/2 inch lift and 24x13.50Rx37” tires. After...
  2. djmichaelwenz

    Adaptive Cruise Control Runaway Driving Dangerous Issue

    Had my Adaptive Cruise Control runaway today and could have killed me and my family! Had to brake and put in neutral to stop the issue, was quite scary.... Was driving with Adaptive Cruise Control and out of the blue all the service lights came on the the gas pedal stopped working. The Cruise...
  3. C

    Speed bump ram 1500 4x4

    Hi just wondering what speed y’all do I usually go about 7mph on speed bumps is that to quick or will it damage my truck over time ? It’s a 2020 ram sport with no air suspension and no lift kit all stock
  4. Hickeyfan96

    Rear window slider cable?

    I have a 2020 ram rebel and had the rear window replaced a couple of times due to a water leak. Anyway, after the glass was replaced a couple of weeks ago I noticed that when you open the rear sliding window, you can see the cable in the window. I’m guessing it’s normal but don’t remember...
  5. K

    2014 Bighorn to 2020 Tradesman - Tailgate Wiring Cross-Over

    Hi I need some help... I have tried Dodge in Tacoma but there not willing to really help at all or only want to work with stuff if i have a Vin #... the Problem was.. the 2014 Bed was damaged and had to be replaced.. I got another bed off of a 2020 Tradesman that was Brand New for $500, got it...
  6. M

    2020 Ram 1500 Night Edition 3.92 rear 5.7L BDS 4" lift on 33s

    Happy with my BDS 4" lift... do you think I need 35s or are these 33s good? Will my fuel mileage change much? I have a 3.92 rear end...
  7. Chaos78

    Newbie to the group! 2020 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Cummins

    So far have only done a few modifications to my truck: S&B CAI, Roll-N-Lock BT488A, Rough Country Steering Box Stabilizer, Boost Auto Switch Backs, Xpel film, Xpel tint and Banks Pedal Monster. Next is a sound system upgrade. Adding two Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 speakers, in a Fox Acoustics Ram...
  8. H

    VIN decode doesnt match truck

    Hi all, just bought my first RAM. It is a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie. I was trying to figure out if I had a quad or crew cab by decoding my VIN. It is a quad cab :) However, it says I have the 3.6L V6, under the hood is a 5.7L HEMI V8, hood says same. Any thoughts on why the difference? Is there a...
  9. nate2404usa

    2020 2500 power running boards problems.

    Well my passenger running board has been acting up a couple days after taking posesion. Called a dealship to schedule to get it addressed. Of course got the we have to duplicate the issue. Told them I got video of it getting stuck on nothing. Told them I will clear my whole day to sit there...
  10. K

    Tow Hook Installation

    Hi All- I just attempted an OEM tow hook installation on my 2020, and the long body mount bolt that is existing on the truck would not come out; to the point where the head began to start to round off. I left it alone but any suggestions/experience with this issue? Thanks, Ken
  11. Saunders55

    Wheel spacers

    Looking to put some 1.5” wheel spacers on my 2020 ram 1500 built to serve. I don’t want to have to cut the lugs. Anyone know if I’ll be okay running a 1.5” spacer ? If so will I need to do an alignment after installing them ?
  12. hdcvo2720

    2019-2020 Laramie 22" Wheel for sale.

    FOR SALE: 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Laramie 22" wheel. Wheel is like new condition. Purchased wheel to setup as a spare and no longer need it. Attached are pictures. Price $400.00 (obo) Shipping is negotiable.
  13. Monteezy17

    Wheel spacers on new big horn

    I recently upgraded from a 2011 sport to the new built to serve edition big horn and already installed a level kit. I want the tires to poke out a bit but don’t want to buy new wheels quite yet. I ordered some 1.5” wheel spacers for the truck. the more I read about it the less I’m sure it’s a...
  14. T

    Center console leather/vinyl damage repair

    I'm not entirely sure what happened here but does anyone know of some product I can use to touch up the color so it's not an eyesore and protect the rest of the console?
  15. M

    My Hydro Blue Rebel <3

    So far I'm in love with this vehicle. Traded my 16 Rebel for it, favorite part is probably the panoramic sunroof!
  16. T

    Vice Designs hidden winch mount

    I forgot to take more pics during the install but I installed a Vice Designs integrated winch mount on my 2020 ram 1500 DT. I used a Warn VR EVO 12 with steel cable. I also got their optional clutch relocation kit, which is a must have IMO. Vice recommends synthetic rope on winches since the...
  17. Wandering Infidel

    2020 Rebel Leveling Kit?

    I recently picked up the 2020 Rebel. I was looking in to lifting the truck a bit. 2 inch lift would suffice for my needs and wants. But now I am looking at just LEVELING the front with a Tuff Country 2.5 inch leveling kit. Does anyone have experience with this set up and or the brand Tuff...
  18. B

    2020 1500 Limited Backup Camera No Fixed Guidelines Option

    So have recently purchased at 2020 Limited. It arrived with 12" screen but the auto High beams were not enabled from the factory. Have had that fixed by the dealer. But I noticed in the manual I should be able to choose from Active (bending) Guidelines or Fixed Guidelines while using the backup...
  19. Brianziggy64

    “2020” Price Negotiated From MSRP

    I have read on other threads where some are discussing pricing on 2020 models. I too am trying to decide between a “great deal” on a 2019 with all the options I want vs ordering a 2020 MY. I thought I would see what others are being quoted for a 2020 MY. Attached is a quote I was given this week...
  20. Brianziggy64

    How many are passing on 2019 deals for the new 2020 diesel option?

    Just curious how many of you are passing on the 2019 deals to buy the new 2020 Diesel version? I am contemplating both options of the 2019 Limited with the 5.7 Hemi w/eTorque or the 2020 Limited with the Diesel. I really like the thoughts of 32-33+ mpg. But I’ve never had a Diesel and unsure of...