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2014 Bighorn to 2020 Tradesman - Tailgate Wiring Cross-Over


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Apr 7, 2022
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Hi I need some help... I have tried Dodge in Tacoma but there not willing to really help at all or only want to work with stuff if i have a Vin #...

the Problem was.. the 2014 Bed was damaged and had to be replaced.. I got another bed off of a 2020 Tradesman that was Brand New for $500, got it painted to match the truck, then installed it and used the original harness for all the lights and stuff..

then i found out that dodge had changed the cup/pin system between those years and the wiring connection from the bed to tailgate as well.. so i am forced to use the 2020 tailgate as its easier.. but now i am stuck on the wiring issue..

I did keep connector's for the 2014 from the tail gate and the extra harness connector from the bed (extension) that dodge gives with the new harness from the latch, exiting the tail gate then the plastic that locks in to the lower bed area for the connector's to secure them...

I nailed out that Orange/Blue is a constant 12v source and black is a ground on the 2014.. but with what dodge gave me for harness wiring diagrams i cannot make the locks actuate using the latch switch button...

I Ordered new from Dodge the Tail Gate Harness & Latch Handle Switch.. I am Attaching images that i have for diagrams and parts. that i have installed.... and the parts i have to make the cross-over..

the 2014 is (10 Wire) using 8 Wires and the 2020 is (4 Wire) using 3 Wires.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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Apr 7, 2023
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Have you had any luck with this setup? I'm attempting to do the same

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