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    WAZE Temporarily breaks driver speaker

    /de-lurk Allo! I experience this as well. My solution is to tap the voice interaction button to get the vehicles audio to take priority, then tap again to cancel. It is the failure of the vehicle to get audio priority back.... basically the vehicle is still expecting the phone to be providing...
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    UConnect Remote start NEW software fails - Ugh [Resolved?]

    \de-lurk Ugh... So Uconnect remote starting didn't work for me with 18.x. Whoo Hoo, they sent 19.x to me and the system is way more stable. My first Uconnect remote start worked after the new software... Now... doesn't go. It worked just once. Frap. Vehicle Finder seems ok, but lock, start...
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    \de-lurk Whoo hoo. Its happening. Geez I hope it helps. Updated tonight. CNSC29NFGL 19.49.13 2020 Limited WL /re-lurk
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    /de-Lurk Nothing yet for me. Hardware ID - CNSC29NFGL Soft Ver - 18.45.40 2020 Limited (don't recall build date, can go look) And yes, have issues including no App remote start etc. WL \re-lurk
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    Multi-Function Tailgate Misalignment?

    \de-lurtk Allo! Mine is even but my latch sensors don't always see the gate as closed. We (them, dealer) are taking steps to address. Right now I'm just slamming it and double checking. It's not end of world but it does throw lights on the dash, and more important you have to open it the way you...
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    Built in Wifi

    \de-lurk Yup. 5ghz is absolutely brilliant at shorter range or controlling propagation. However not all devices support it. Escort radar, some wifi dash cams, cheap tablets or older phones tables etc... I'm updating this thread as after hours of reaching out... Formal answer. 2.4 not avail...
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    Built in Wifi

    /de-lurk Sorry. Late to the party here. Did anyone actually get an FCA answer? Are the new built-in hotspots ONLY 5ghz? Seems a bit odd. Thank you in advance, (been on the phone with most everyone UConnect etc for an hour and they don't even understand what bands are, let alone channels...