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Recent content by Seadweller23

  1. Seadweller23

    Frostbite Subwoofer Enclosure

    Frostbite is out of business. Here are a couple firms that do good work... https://mtiacoustics.com/#DODGERAM https://www.foxacoustics.com/collections/dodge-ram-crew-cab I recommend the back seat spacers made by Fox Acoustics
  2. Seadweller23

    Shelby F150

    Saw this on Saturday…
  3. Seadweller23

    Do you like real country music?

    Enjoyed hearing them...
  4. Seadweller23

    Subwoofer upgrade results?

    I have not. I just checked their web page and it is still down.
  5. Seadweller23

    Factory build error :(

    I had a similar experience when I picked up my truck. It was upsetting. I never thought they did it intentionally. The Dealer honored and prioritized the work required. The world is an imperfect place sometimes.
  6. Seadweller23

    Borla + Corsa + Pedal Commander = WOW!

    I really like the Borla S! Enjoy your truck!
  7. Seadweller23

    First time truck owner

    Congrats and welcome. My RAM is also my first truck. I enjoy it more than any sports car I ever owned...
  8. Seadweller23

    What exhaust to get?

    Yes, while cruise is on and you begin going up an incline, you can hear the exhaust kick in. When you begin a decline it goes back to silent. I think the stock exhaust is so quiet that a lot of people are taken aback by the noise of a S Type while driving it. I like being able to hear a...
  9. Seadweller23

    Borla Atak vs S-type

    The S type sound is pretty addicting...
  10. Seadweller23

    I got some TRX take offs on my Rebel

    The Blue looks great now and bet the ring will look awesome Blue!
  11. Seadweller23

    1st Ram

  12. Seadweller23

    Subwoofer upgrade results?

    Yes, it is. I heard they are not in business atm.
  13. Seadweller23

    Subwoofer upgrade results?

    There is no comparison to a decent aftermarket sub in a well constructed box. I went with JL Audio 10W1V3’s in a sealed box.
  14. Seadweller23

    New ram owner

  15. Seadweller23

    Biggest Tires on Stock 20’s

    Tires look Great!