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    "Bump" when truck downshifts into 1st gear.

    I had this problem on my 2019 limited. If I remember correctly it was a common issue discussed on this forum. Dealer did a flash of something and I haven't had the problem since.
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    Bad or Good time to sell?

    A couple of points. (1) given the age of your Laramie and the current economic conditions it is likely that prices will drop over time. (2) NADA and KBB are good indicators of asking prices at dealers. Most dealers will markup a trade by 20% so look at both the trade in value and the dealer...
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    Rear Widow Surround Crack

    Probably the crew cab simply because there are more of them on the road.
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    Sudden battery death

    As you have seen this is a well known issue with the OEM batteries. The OEM battery in my 2019 limited died and was replaced by an Interstate AGM H8 battery. No problems since. The factory batteries are H7 but the battery tray is sized to H8. Some of the OEM batteries were lead acid and some...
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    Power Mirrors Automatically Fold?

    This feature wouldn't work for me. The mirrors have to be folded in first or I can't get into the garage. Likewise, having them auto unfold when started would be a good way to lose a mirror when backing out of the garage.
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    Dealers selling below invoice

    Good info in this thread. I noticed some of you are using "MSRP" and some are using "Invoice" when referring to a quoted discount. These are not the same. Those of you that are using "Invoice" how are you verifying that the "invoice" price they use is correct and how much lower is the...
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    Vehicle Service/Maintenance with Dealers

    Go to where you feel you get the best service. You are not bound to the dealer where you bought the truck. This works for routine maintenance and warranty repairs.
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    Rear Window Issue?

    If you're referring to the rear window surround being cracked the answer is yes. You didn't state what year/model you have but if it's a 2019 5th gen and newer there are numerous posts on this forum about this. Do a site search and you will see at least 2k posts on this. If your truck is...
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    Roll up bed cover

    There are two retention straps on the underside of the cover. When you roll the cover back you slip the straps into the tabs to secure the cover in the rolled position.
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    Back headliner on my 2019 dodge limited is wet

    I have a 2019 1500 limited that is not leaking yet. Several of you in the thread have recommended a marine grade gasket available at Lowes or Home Depot as a replacement for the third brake light OEM gasket. What exactly are you referring to when you say marine grade and what does it look...
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    Look at these dealer fees- they still do this??

    Agree with you on this. If at the last minute the dealer tries to stick you with some ridiculous fee your response should be that either the price of the truck is lowered by the same amount or the trade in value is increased by a like amount. This is also true for any so called non-negotiable...
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    SiriusXM Plans & Strategy

    I have had Siriusxm for four years now and never paid more than $100/yr for the All Access plan. Giving a credit card is no big deal as when the renewal notice is sent at their prevailing high rate all you do is call and tell them to cancel your service. They always come back at a lesser rate...
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    Water Bottle Storage Hack?

    Buy two 20oz bottles and use both holders in the center console (just kidding).
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    Blocked/Blurred license plate

    In my neck of the woods folks blur their plates in an attempt to defeat red light cameras. They are a big money maker for local jurisdictions.
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    Water pooling on Truxedo LoPro.

    Interesting. I replaced the OEM tailgate liner with a weather tech liner and found the tailgate was difficult to close unless the tailgate was closed first so the header seal was on top of tailgate. Also, my addled brain came to the conclusion that if the seal was not on top of the tailgate...