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    Rear window surround crack.

    As much as I like this truck I must admit it has a lot,of quirky issues that shouldn’t be. This being one of them. My brake light leaked,my rear glass leaked like these have. I got some flowable silicone and found a spot on the rear glass that had a gap on the top,outside, and put a small...
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    Air conditioning Hack

    What valve is everyone using?
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    Air conditioning performance

    What is the correct sticker 510 ?
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    275/60r20 BFG KO2’s

    9” +1 offset. Sit flush with the flares from the side
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    Air conditioning performance

    My A/ C has been pretty good since I’ve had the pcm flashes and HVAC update that may or probably didn’t do much. Anyway I decided to swing by the local harbor freight and put a clamp on the heater hose. Drove home with a digital temp gauge in the vents. I actually was blowing 39.7 out of the...
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    Random Blower Motor Noise

    He means the sun load sensor. When the sun hits the sensor it usually ramps up the fan speed closes the recirc door or changes the blend door to a colder temp to maintain the set temp. It’s basically a sensor for the HVAC system that uses sunlight to change the system. Pretty much every car with...
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    A/C Performance

    I’ve said it before the PCM update fixes the fan which in turn helps the A/C at idle and generally overall. Mine used to blow 60 at idle last year, this year it’s so much better. The fan ramps up at idle and when needed, taking off driving you will notice the fan slow down then speed up, way...
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    A/C Performance

    Ya, but I meant for FCA to make it and have it integrated with the factory HVAC controls. So when you demand say max A/C it would close the valve then open when you raise the temp. It’s a long shot I know. My A/C is working pretty good this year, we are at 100 103 every day and it’s been good...
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    A/C Performance

    A nice electric operated heater control valve with a small harness that hooks up to the HVAC system somehow would be a nice thing they could engineer to make it work unless of course they find out the drivers blend door isn’t closing and can reprogram the HVAC module. I doubt it will be that...
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    Air conditioning performance

    If you don't hear you cooling fan running very loud when hot or when the temp is set lower, there is a update for the Engine PCM, it will make it run a lot faster and cool a lot better at idle, but then people complain they hear the radiator fan. I had mine done and it was a lot better than last...
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    Air conditioning performance

    Doubt it.
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    Weird AC recirculating air noise.

    It’s because it can’t maintain the set temperature even if not on auto it will still do it to try to cool the air.
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    Air conditioning performance

    It’s not instant as far as outside temp reading. It goes down after driving doesn’t it? The temp sensor is in the mirror on mine with the tow mirrors I believe. When I swapped them to black I had to transfer the sensors. It gets heat soaked and isn’t an instant read quick change type thing. If...
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    CHMSL / Third Brake Light LEDs

    True about the auxito, they burnt up in mine. Just not quality enough for the cargo lights that stay on for a longer period of time. The Diode Dynamics have been great. I guess I will buy one for my center brake light now.
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    Cabin Filter

    Changed mine today.. Don’t bend the stops in, that’s not easy, they don’t flex really. Open he glove box and pull out on the bottom hinge at the angle that the glove box stops. Very simple and you can leave the cable attached and not damage the plastic near the stops. 5 minute job. To reinstall...