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    Why do these supposed 4x4 look like 4x low ?

    Don't forget that with the Off Road Package you only get 1 off road increase over normal ride height. Nobody has ever really documented what is going on with the supposed one-inch suspension lift and why the second off road setting was deleted when you get the ORP.
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    Review of Lomax / Agri-Cover / ACI Tri-Fold Professional Tonneau for Rambox-UPDATE

    (Mine is the silver one at the beginning of this thread). I've had it for 4 months and I'm still happy with it, but there are two small issues. One of my Ramboxes (just happens to be the driver's side one) inteferes with the cover. It doesn't prevent its opening but the lid does push it a...
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    Uconnect/sirius guardian - does it actually work?

    SIRIUS GUARDIAN FUNCTIONS (lock, unlock, start) do not work from inside my house. I can step outside and they "work", if you call waiting a minute or two "working". I live 6 miles from the capital of the free world and have never gotten more than 2 bars on any phone, so I'm assuming the...
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    What version of uConnect are you running on 12"?

    WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT MAP UPDATES: Absolutely nothing. Everybody has file "Content_NA_HM_1702", which seems to mean "North America / HERE Map / version 2017 February". If that is the map version that everybody has the data is likely from 2016. In the post above, HERE Technologies mentions version...
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    Updating Nav Maps - Heard back from FCA - Let's Pressure them

    I learned from Uconnect that FCA has decided, at least for the 12" system, to not allow any over-the-air user software or map updates. The reasoning was that if anything went wrong at least the truck would be in a safe place, at the dealer. Regarding the VEHICLE HEALTH REPORT, this feature has...
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    How to Lock keys inside

    I like to keep my spare fob inside the truck, but of course you cannot do that without blocking the radio signal. I found a brass cylinder with a threaded lid that effectively blocks the signal, so I can hide the spare fob on the truck somewhere. Of course if you hide it inside the vehicle, when...
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    Updating Nav Maps - Heard back from FCA - Let's Pressure them

    I am currently trying to beat the nav system in Uconnect 12 into submission in my October 2019 Longhorn. I have the same ancient maps that you probably have and always will have: 17Q2, which I assume were created in early 2016 based on my experience with Garmin maps. I just downloaded the...
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    Current Map Version??

    I too have an October 2018 Ram with the same ancient maps and system software. For comparison, I have a 2012 Garmin (we assume that the Ram system is from Garmin, don't we?) portable system which I just updated April 25 2019 with the NA (North American) map version 2020.10; so obviously they...
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    Rambox lomax tonneau cover part not listed on the manual

    I too received the drawing above but in the absence of any actual instructions I thought it was a rain channel, and installed it like this. And what's that curvature about?
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    Review of Lomax / Agri-Cover / ACI Tri-Fold Professional Tonneau for Rambox-UPDATE

    Thanks for your thoughts on painting. I did see the video of the white cover before making my choice. That buyer's experience with Agri-Cover is the reason I mentioned the teething pains and their stepping up. I understand that painting the bare diamond plate is very difficult, but your black...
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    Review of Lomax / Agri-Cover / ACI Tri-Fold Professional Tonneau for Rambox-UPDATE

    No photos needed. The tonneau rails themselves do not intrude into the bed any further than the undocumented long tab at the bottom of the cargo rail. There are 4 protrusions on each side on which the tonneau rests and under which the latching mechanisms ride. These reduce the width of the cargo...
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    Review of Lomax / Agri-Cover / ACI Tri-Fold Professional Tonneau for Rambox-UPDATE

    Today is April 17, 2019. As of now there are few hard tonneau options for the 5th generation Ram with 5'7" bed and Ramboxes. I know there are other mentions of the Lomax on the forum, but this one is very detailed. The Lomax line includes three aluminum tri-fold models. They are the...
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    Scrapped the Aluminum Rim

    I have a 2010 4Runner. All 4 wheels started deteriorating about 30 minutes after I bought it. I let it go and had them restored in 2016 (in Fairfax, Virginia). They cost $150 each with rebalancing. The specialist used a lathe which he programmed for the correct contour (not Bondo) and then...
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    Voice Recognition - anyone get to send text or search address

    I have searched in my clearest voice for "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC" and "District of Columbia" and "Washington, District of Columbia", and "White House, Washington, DC", blah blah. The feature has always returned no result, with this location or any other. It's also useless if I...
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    RIDE HEIGHT - Beating a dead horse

    Sorry, but I can find no ACTUAL FCA LITERATURE reference to the true ride heights in the referenced thread or in the 10 pages of @Edwards' postings. My Longhorn with air and ORP indeed states in the build sheet that it has the 1" Raised Ride Height, which tells me zero. Two adjectives and a noun...