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Recent content by Gusman4

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    High Temp Towing Uphill

    I have a 2019 rebel 5.7 Eco. Towing my 5000lb travel trailer up Eisenhower in CO I saw coolant temps around there briefly when I pulled over to grab a water out of the back of truck. When I got back in I saw coolant temp was really high 245 or so. As soon as I started moving again it went...
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    Picking up a '19 Rebel: Things to check before I own it? +the decision +plans

    I would make sure it’s got the updated tsb’s for the transmission and ecm. Just check the tsb thread For specific tsb #’s
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Im right at $400 a month.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I purchased from the dealer in grand junction Colorado. I dealt with Scott and did everything over the phone before I even went down so it was super smooth.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Lets see I bought my 2019 rebel 7/27/19 with an msrp of $57,065 for and out the door price of $45k. I also traded my 2015 Tacoma with 50k miles on it for $26,000.
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    New Rebel Owner in Colorado!

    Not sure there is a better AT tire for Colorado than the duratrac.
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    Travel trailer thoughts

    So I was looking at the wildwood 201bhxl travel trailer. Hitch Weight: 528 lb. UVW 4233lb. its 23’. I have a 2019 rebel with tow package with coil springs not the air suspension. Door sticker says I have 1558lb carry capacity. I was planing on getting an equalizer WD hitch. Does anyone see...
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    Off road with air ride

    In that clay like mud pretty much anything would’ve gotten stuck. Even with MT tires looks like you would of been stuck. Bigger MT tires and more lift so you didn’t bottom out might of done it. There are a few places around me where if it’s really wet your getting stuck not matter what.
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    I have jumper cables, air compressor, tow strap, bungies, rachet straps, a rachet and socket for trailer wheel nuts. Might have a few other little things in there too.
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    Interior lights?

    I have the led package but no sunroof.
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    Interior lights?

    Thanks neokane, I only have the center console lights not the footwell lights. The quality control on these 2019 rams seems well not so good! This is my first ram truck and although I really love driving it, I am appalled by how many little things are broken, not there or improperly...
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    Interior lights?

    Yes there are dim/dimmable led lights in a few locations that are independent of the door open lights that are supposed to give dim light inside the cab at night. The switch/wheel is just to left if the steering column. There Other trim levels seem to have these lights in more places than rebels.
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    Interior lights?

    So I was wondering what interior lights are rebels supposed to have? I’m talking about the interior night time lights that you can brighten and dim So it not pitch black in cab. I only have the center light shining down on the center storage compartment. Are we supposed to have more?
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    Ridge Grapplers in snow

    In my experience here in Colorado my Best winter tires are the two you mentioned not wanting to get. I have duratracs now but had ko2 before and both where excellent in snow and ice. They also hold up well on our back country roads and trails.