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Recent content by Gdbstudios

  1. Gdbstudios

    Softopper Exoskeleton(Adarac)

    So glad you bit the bullet and tried this out. I've been looking for solutions for a rack for a long time and Adarac always seems the most economical. I don't like the overlanding cage style. Looks like I'll be ordering an Adarak. Do you know if the Pro and standard Adarak have the same angles?
  2. Gdbstudios

    Center console conversion?

    YES. We have 3 kids so if anyone wants to come with us (a friend, grandma, etc.) we use the middle seat. We wouldn't buy a truck without one.
  3. Gdbstudios

    Tow Hooks out of stock....everywhere

    When I was looking for some tow hooks late 2019 I found out that there was a problem with a supplier. Chrysler had changed suppliers and that took some time to get the product made. I was told stock would return by March, but that didn't happen. Looks like there are still some shortages. Anyone...
  4. Gdbstudios

    Upfitter Switches

    schematic and info from FCA on the switches https://www.ramtrucks.com/BodyBuilder/service/Image?imageId=MtQrP%2FFqLY5r%2Fest8MtGjGgHzAHGUTU0WB3rWuqSY7YmQ2vEhuBWBKkNfnCFWSmU%0A...
  5. Gdbstudios

    General Grabber A/TX

    I got the Grabber A/TXs put on Saturday night and on Sunday morning woke up to a fresh 3" of snow. That isn't enough for the roads to get plowed here so it quickly got compacted and icey. I had to go back and forth from home a couple of times on neighborhood roads that pretty much turned to ice...
  6. Gdbstudios

    General Grabber A/TX

    Those ratings were on TireRack.com
  7. Gdbstudios

    General Grabber A/TX

    Can I ask why you went with the Kumho? Ratings don't seem as good and the price difference (at least at my size) isn't much different either.
  8. Gdbstudios

    General Grabber A/TX

    Getting some of these installed on the stock 18" wheels this weekend, will try and remember to report on how they do going over the pass to Seattle over Christmas.
  9. Gdbstudios

    Tire Chains

    So, we all agree that the Class S rating and rear only is just for extra precaution? I'm on a standard suspension and can't see chains rubbing on anything in the rear or front for that matter. Especially with a 30mph max speed.
  10. Gdbstudios

    Hood Lights Installed

    Yes, what method did you use for the yellow fog lights and are you happy with it?
  11. Gdbstudios

    Hood Lights Installed

    I'm interested in how you tinted your fog lights. Paint? Covers? Bulbs?
  12. Gdbstudios

    20” to 18” Wheels

    275/65/18 is an OEM size. That's what came on my truck from factory. I love having the smaller wheel and more sidewall.
  13. Gdbstudios

    Granite Crystal Side Steps

    Anyone have steps that run the whole length of the cab back to the rear wheel? Helps access the bed from the side of the truck and helps with MPGs (supposedly).
  14. Gdbstudios

    Granite Crystal Side Steps

  15. Gdbstudios

    Pics from Arizona

    Looks great. Any noticeable difference in MPGs, since that's the reason they put these dams on?