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    Another really inane feature...(Tire Fill Alerts Disabled)

    According to my build sheet my truck has this but it’s not listed in my uconnect setting anywhere. Under the driver assist menu it says 7 items in list ( or around there ) but it only shows 6. ( shows one less that the items in list number ). I suspect the tire fill assist is the missing item...
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    Stock Air Box Mod

    Another popular air box mod for the 4th gens is to use the bottom airbox from an eco diesel , the fresh air inlet on it is considerably bigger than the Hemi one, uses all factory parts and unless you knew it was done you'd never know by looking at it. Not sure if the 5th gens can be done the...
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    Dirty Rear End

    I’ve noticed my 19’s tailgate gathers more crud than my 16 did. I thought I was nuts thinking it gets so dirty fast guess I’m not alone
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    Painted door sill protection ideas

    I have a buddy who installs it. He gave me a bunch. Any place that does window tint, vehicle graphics, and some detailing places carry it. Some auto parts stores also have small rolls of it.
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    Painted door sill protection ideas

    I put PPF on my truck myself. Just bought the film and cut it how I wanted then applied. Mine runs from the rubber door gasket down and around to probably an inch under the rocker panel. No scuffed up door panels here.
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    New aftermarket exhaust

    For the FlowFX kit you HAVE to cut the tailpipe just after the muffler. But the sound that it gives is well worth one cut! I really like mine. And as said, you can go back to stock with a band clamp if desired.
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    LED Bedlight Wiring

    Personally, I would tap into the bed light wire for a trigger and diode isolate that wire from your constant wire. Search for my thread " cheaper alternative to OEM bed lights " I say which wire in the rear drivers side threshold is the rear cargo light wire. They will come on whenever the...
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    Added Wireless QI Charger to my 2020 Ram Bighorn

    While not my truck I’ll answer these. 1) no it won’t play through CarPlay. The charger is just that a charger. It doesn’t connect wirelessly to the USB for data. Would be slick if it did though. 2) the slot on top is small. I believe it’s designed as a pen holder. May also hold a lighter, lip...
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    anyone locate the wire or accessory circuit that stays powered on for 2 hours after truck shuts off?

    Mine stay on for more than 2 hours im pretty sure......
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    Added Wireless QI Charger to my 2020 Ram Bighorn

    I was thinking of dong the same thing, but taking the wireless charger apart and putting the guts behind the panel you mounted yours to, like the factory one would work. I just haven't been able to find pictures of the back of that panel to see whats there. maybe once it warms up I may take my...
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    Switch location for aux lights?

    Get a wireless switch and program the remote to the home link buttons. I did this on my ‘16 for the lightbar I had. Worked great and no extra switches floating around in the cab.
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    Plugged the front bumber license plate holes

    I had a woman back into my truck, the bodyshop manager called me and said " I noticed you had the plate holes in your bumper plugged, want us to weld em up and paint, we have to paint the bumper anyway " well yes sir I do!! So no plate holes or plugs for me, just smooth bumper
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    MGP Caliper cover installed 2" drop rear leveling springs and Hellwig sway bar - PICS

    Nice rig, I really gotta get the rear lowering springs for mine, just have to find them that I can get to. Im more blown away by the outside post lift you were using, slick!! sadly something like that outside wouldn't last 2 years around here with our climate.
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    What traditional bulbs on LED truck???

    Footwell lights were regular 194 bulbs on my sport. Switched out to led
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    Bed utility rails

    I dropped my wheel well liners, removed both tail lights and reached in between the outer bedside and the inner box panels. Im not saying there was tons of room or it was super easy to do, but it is doable. I may have even created a few new yoga poses too. It does take 2 people to do this...