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Tire/Wheel Help


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Sep 28, 2020
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Hey all, I'm new to owning a Ram, just got my 2WD 2020 Ram 1500 Lonestar just over a month ago. Love the truck and I have plans to do a 2 inch spacer leveling kit off of Rough Country. I plan on also purchasing wheels and tires for it, with my max tire size being 33's. I've never purchased wheels/tires for another vehicle so I am unsure about "wheel offset" and "backspacing". If anyone has any suggestions or minimums or maximums I should know about when it comes to sizing let me know. Kind of a new guy at this lmao.

Billy James

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Sep 13, 2018
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Jacksonville, Florida
Check out the Wheel Offset Calculator here: https://tiresize.com/. You can plug in your current configuration and your planned configuration to see the difference. Stock offset is +19. I personally think that a +5 or zero offset is a good look....as you start to go negative the wheel sticks out further. You said you want 33" tires but you really need to decide how wide you want the tires to be first (ie. 275, 285, 295, 305). Once you figure out how wide you want to go ; then you can start selecting the proper ratio to achieve 33" (width will also help you to determine offset; a wider tire will likely require more negative offset than stock in order to fit). A 275/60R20 is a stock width tire that is 33" (a very popular option for those who want a slightly taller tire and who want to retain P rated tires that are lighter and ride softer). A 285/60R20 would be slightly wider and measure around 33.5" high.

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