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  1. T

    Wheel Trade

    New here and first post. I was wondering if anyone would be interest in a wheel trade. I have 20 inch original Ram wheels and looking to see if anyone is interested in trading for 18 in original Ram wheels. I bought the truck used and the original owner bought these and I guess tossed the...
  2. JohnProvident

    Cheapest way to get wheels and tires?

    Are there any ways to get shells and tires a little cheaper? I’ve never bought any aftermarket wheels before so I’m not sure if there are things I’m unaware of. Besides Craigslist of course haha.
  3. W


    Currently have 285/65 r18 on a 2016 2500 Laramie Longhorn. Was wondering if going to 275/70 r18 would be better. Looking for best prices on some tires. Looking for a decent $200ish tire preferably a aggressive tread 10ply. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  4. T_Whitt87

    Tire upgrade on stock 20” wheels

    Hello everyone, first time posting. 2019 1500 Bighorn 4WD currently with 2” Mammoth leveling block in the front ( I will be upgrading the UCAs, Bilstein 5100s all around and +1” rear springs this year ). I have the stock black 20x9 +19 wheels with 275/55R20 tires and it’s time to upgrade. I am...
  5. Arturo

    TRX wheels on Big Horn?

    Is it possible to put TRX wheels on my 21’ big horn? If so do I need spacers and/or a lift kit? My buddy is selling me his TRX wheels. The wheels are 35” 325/65/18
  6. J

    New wheels with paint chip on inside

    Just received my new wheels and tires from custom offsets. After unpacking I did a thorough inspection and found a paint chip/defect on the inside barrel of 1 wheel and a few other small scuffs on the inside lips on two or more tires. They came with tires mounted and balanced so I assume this...
  7. B

    Wheel offset

    Hello, I'm shopping for new wheels and hesitating what offset i should get. I have a 2019 laramie 1500. Anyone here, run 20x10 et0 and et-12? I would like to see some pictures. Also considering -18.. i will wrap them with either 295/60r20 or 285/65r20 falken wildpeak at3w. I want a semi...
  8. TheLegend

    What Sets Your Ram Apart

    Let’s see pictures and what mods you did to your Ram because I want to see what sets you apart from your everyday Ram out there on the road. I’ve seen some really good rides throughout the forum but I’ve seen the same old basic trucks that EVERYONE does! So, everyone let’s see them beauties that...
  9. B

    Oversized tires and comfort

    Hello I got a 2019 laramie sport crewcab 6.4ft bed. Right now i have the 22 wheels (i know and i agree, these are horrible) . I'm looking to buy some new wheels and tires. Probably some 285/65r20 or something similar with 0 or -12 offset wheels. I want the best and softer ride possible. I came...
  10. SKT Customs

    New 37x13.50r18s Pics and Review!

    If you don’t already follow the build on Instagram, you probably missed the reveal of the new wheel and tire set up😬 So I wanted to post it on here for anyone thinking of doing something similar and give some feedback. Going from 35s on 20s, to 37s on 20s, to now 37s on 18s I can say there is...
  11. 31RamIt

    Vossen Black Friday Sale!

    Fantastic deals on Vossen wheels for black Friday! https://vossenwheels.com/blog/vossen-black-friday-sale-2022/
  12. redriderbob

    Vossen Wheels Shows Us Another TRX 6×6, In Its Latest Social Media Post!

    Vossen Wheels Shows Us Another TRX 6×6, In Its Latest Social Media Post! Force Motorsport Designs Yet Another 6x6 TRX Variant... For over a year now, Vossen has been marketing its series of Ultra Deep HF6-4 wheels on various Ram 1500 TRX models. The HF6-4 styled wheels were inspired by...
  13. WreckitRocco

    Wheel fitment for IHC 3/5 kit

    I'm going to be installing the lowering kit on my truck next week and I need some help on wheels. If you have a 3/5 kit installed and are running 22s or 24s can you post pictures with specs including tire size, width, and offset please. Also, how is the ride and any rubbing especially at full...
  14. D

    Rims- 2019+ 1500

    Looking to level and out rims on my 2019 ram 1500 big horn bright white. Having trouble deciding what rims to but because it’s hard to decide with out them being on the truck to see what they look like. Does anyone have a 19+ new body style in white with rims on it that they can send me or...
  15. D

    Wheel setup guidance

    Got a 2019 ram limited 1500 on air suspension. I want to go with the biggest set up without rubbing and without having to lift. Looking to get rims with a deep lip
  16. Accessory.Parts

    Buy with Shop Pay - 4 Bi-Weekly Payments - No Interest!

    Need a part now but need to split up your payments? NO PROBLEM! When you checkout you can choose Shop Pay to split your total into 4 equal bi-weekly payments! Your first payment is due at checkout, your product is shipped and then your following 3 payments are made every other week! No...
  17. jfjoaa


    Hi I happened to run across the story on motor trend about the mopar concept Rexrunner. I would like know what these rims are and where I could purchase them. Thanks
  18. D

    White Ram Afternarket Wheels

    Hello All I think this is my first post though I browse around frequently. I’m wanting to replace the stock 18” alloy wheels but I’m torn on whether to go chrome or black. I have a Big Horn with the chrome bumpers and I have chrome floorboards (though those will be replaced at some point). So...
  19. Tesla

    Fuel Rebel 6 (D679) wheels

    Looking to get new wheels for my 1500. From the little time I have spent looking, I like the look of the black Fuel D679 wheels. Anyone have them on their truck?
  20. R

    Truck wheels WITHOUT fake bead locks

    I'm looking at truck wheels and so many of the wheels these days have the ugly fake beadlock look and are black. I personally can't stand them, and think they're overtly complicated looking. Any suggestions on clean looking, 20" wheels in a brushed aluminum or chrome? Currently looking at Black...