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  1. GrandpaBob

    New truck and tires don't match the sticker...?

    So, I just bought a new 1500 Limited Elite and am loving it. Spending this much on a truck, I wanted to get exactly what I wanted. You can imagine my excitement when I found exactly that at a dealer who just happened to be right on the way home from my vacation spot in Montana, along I-15, on my...
  2. JohnGow383

    Question About Tire Rotation

    Hi, I have a question regarding tire rotation for my 5th gen RAM 1500. I have Nitto Ridge Grapplers true 35s fitted and got just over 2200 miles on the clock. I believe the tires should be rotated every 3000miles or is it 6000 miles? Also, what is the best pattern for rotation? Should it be...
  3. 2

    2021 RAM 1500 Big Horn w/ Off-Road Package - Wheel Fitment

    Hi All, I’m new to the RAM family - I just bought a used 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn, Night Edition, with the “Off-Road Package”. One thing that’s not clear to me is the stock suspension setup. I have coils in the front and coils in the rear - but with an air(?) bag underneath the rear coils. When I...
  4. TheLegend

    Pictures and Descriptions of Lifts and Tire/Rim Sizes

    Post those beautiful pictures of your truck that I know we are all proud of and let me know what size lift you did and what size tires/rims you have! If you want to post manufacturers or makers of all three please do as well.
  5. B

    Oversized tires and comfort

    Hello I got a 2019 laramie sport crewcab 6.4ft bed. Right now i have the 22 wheels (i know and i agree, these are horrible) . I'm looking to buy some new wheels and tires. Probably some 285/65r20 or something similar with 0 or -12 offset wheels. I want the best and softer ride possible. I came...
  6. SKT Customs

    New 37x13.50r18s Pics and Review!

    If you don’t already follow the build on Instagram, you probably missed the reveal of the new wheel and tire set up😬 So I wanted to post it on here for anyone thinking of doing something similar and give some feedback. Going from 35s on 20s, to 37s on 20s, to now 37s on 18s I can say there is...
  7. G

    2021 RAM 1500 Limted Tire Options W/ Stock Rims

    My OEM tires are shot. I actually like the stock 22" Rims. The current Goodyear Eagle Touring 285/45-22 are what came on the truck. I like the look AT tires like this one Nitto Terra Grappler G2. My question is can I go with a larger tire without any mods to the suspension? Like a 285/55-22? Has...
  8. brettk0890

    Don’t know what tire to pick. Also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

    What tire should I go with. Lift was installed yesterday.
  9. D

    2019 1500 Laramie leveling kit/tires

    Hey Everyone, Looking for some feedback. I'm on my second RAM truck, as stated above, a 2019 1500 Laramie. Everything is stock, other than some really wide running boards that I'm removing and I opted to get one with 18 inch rims because I prefer the look of more rubber to rim and the ride...
  10. U

    Tire rotation, full size spare included or no

    Ok ok, so I'm not sure what to do with my spare tire, this is the first rotation for the truck. I have a North Edition that comes with 5 Wildpeak 275/65/R18 tires, but the wheel on my spare is different than the other 4 wheels. So all 5 tires are the same, but spare wheel is different than the...
  11. OhioSt14

    Black OEM Lug Nuts

    I am looking for Black Lug Nuts that look exactly or very close to OEM without paying 150+ dollars. I purchased some off Amazon and eBay but they are longer than OEM. Does anyone have an idea of where I can find matching black lug nuts?
  12. D

    Wheel setup guidance

    Got a 2019 ram limited 1500 on air suspension. I want to go with the biggest set up without rubbing and without having to lift. Looking to get rims with a deep lip
  13. S

    Advice on Tire size -

    Sorry if this has already out there. I'm new to the site and looking to get some advice/feedback on new tires for my 2019 1500 big horn quad cab. I had a level kit installed and now wanting to upgrade my tires situation. Wanting to get some BF Goodrich KO2s on and wanted to see what people are...
  14. Accessory.Parts

    Buy with Shop Pay - 4 Bi-Weekly Payments - No Interest!

    Need a part now but need to split up your payments? NO PROBLEM! When you checkout you can choose Shop Pay to split your total into 4 equal bi-weekly payments! Your first payment is due at checkout, your product is shipped and then your following 3 payments are made every other week! No...
  15. alorentz

    AlfaOBD and Tire Pressure, and MPH!?

    I hope someone has experience with AlfaODB, or other application to adjust tire size, and knows what they are doing...because I'm guessing!! I have 2022 RAM 1500 Crew Cab, 5.7L, 2300 miles. Stock were Alenza Dueler 31in tires. I switched out for Wildpeak AT3W 275/60/20, which are 33.1 in. I...
  16. Whitenight

    Questions for Ecodiesel owners

    Due to putting on 35+k miles a year I'm thinking about swapping the hemi for the ecoD. Not much towing, lots of commute (usually 65 to 75 mph) and then driving on rough muddy jobsites (>10 mph). 1. If I swap to 295/60r20 or 35x11.5x20 tires am I going to hit myself for not getting 3.92 gearing...
  17. M

    All Terrain vs Hybrid tires

    Hi guys, I can't make up my mind on tires for my truck. I have the ORG. I do most of my driving on pavement, but dirt roads here are some sort of clay mud that sucks your boots off your feet. Hybride would help me on my hunting trips. But AT's woukd be better on the road. Anyone out there with...
  18. R

    Ram Rebel with Air Suspension Tires

    Hey guys love my ram rebel getting new tires keeping the same wheels as I love the look I have air suspension on my truck does anyone know if 33.89 needle grabbers will rub in hello mode or normal not concerned about exit interview as I don’t never use it? Please help thanks a lot about to pull...
  19. J

    BFG KO2 - 275 65r20

    Stupid question - I want to get BFG KO2 for my 2019 Ram Big Horn but I can only find 275 65 r20s and my stock tires are 275 60 r20s. Does anyone know if they will fit without any issues?
  20. ToyjoHa

    Correct Air Pressure Nitto Terra Grapplers G2 305/55R20

    Can anyone tell me the correct air pressure for my new tires? It may not have anything to do with it, but here is the factory sticker... BTW, what does the KN557954 in the lower right corner stand for?