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  1. R

    Leveling Kit

    Hey guys, I recently bought a brand new 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel. I’m extremely disappointed on the lack of lift kits on the market for these as I haven’t even found any 4 or 6 inch lifts. I have the truck booked in to get a 2 inch ReadyLift leveling kit installed, wondering if I can still...
  2. chainsaw

    A.R.E. Z2 Shell

    Hey y’all! I just took delivery of my ‘22 Limited Night Edition. It’s got the technology package, with the digital rear view mirror. Previously, I had a ‘19 Laramie and ordered the A.R.E. z2 shell for it. I sold the ‘19, but kept the shell. My concern is that the third light protrudes out too...
  3. T_Rod25

    Alignment question after leveling kit/wheel and tire install

    I recently had a readylift 2” leveling kit installed along with 285/60/20 open country a/t3’s and some fuel rebel wheels in 20x10 with a -18 offset. The guy who did the install for all of that also handled getting the alignment done with a local tire shop. After receiving the truck everything...
  4. D

    Tire/Wheel Help

    Hey all, I'm new to owning a Ram, just got my 2WD 2020 Ram 1500 Lonestar just over a month ago. Love the truck and I have plans to do a 2 inch spacer leveling kit off of Rough Country. I plan on also purchasing wheels and tires for it, with my max tire size being 33's. I've never purchased...
  5. D

    2019+ Tonneau questions

    Hey everyone new to the new DT 19 Rams. I just picked one up with a crew cab and 5'7 bed. Looking for a tonneau but saw a lot of sites post that the 19 1500 ram tonneau from a classic will not fit. Does anyone know what the differences are? I'm just looking for a simple roll up one. I was trying...