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Central Pennsylvania
Well, we are out on our annual trip to the river (got here last friday).

My son and I were over the bank fishing, and relaxing as we haven't had camp neighbors since we got here.

Then I see a camper pull up. Doesn't quite go far enough to back in the spot beside us, so I figure is across the road as I see him start to back up...nope, backs right into my truck.

Looks like his bumper lined up right with my tow hooks. I can not really see any damage, didn't even brush off the bugs, but his new camper has a nice dent in it.

Guess I see why the tow hooks are part of the protection group. I believe they saved my bumper. Can not imagine he did any other damage. Will take it for a drive later.

Of course when my wife mentioned to him that he hit the truck got out said I don't see no damage, then looked at his bumper and acted like it was her fault. Gotta love people.

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