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  • Brutal_HO
    Please use the report post button and any mod can fix it if it needs fixin.
    After being contacted by Tripple_b, I was informed that it is not broken, but due to me saving the link with my VIN, every time I tried to check, even though I cleared everything, it still acted as if I had not cleared the cache, and would say not available. I made a note of that on that fact on the 23 production posts so nobody makes that same mistake. Thank you for responding though.
    Hi devildodge, I just posted to Jared Do you have a resource for checking out ram 1500 pricing. I've been given a net price of 65,300 (Longhorn, pretty loaded) between net price, invoice price, potential hold back room, dealer incentives (not manufacturing incentives), I'm struggling with finding my optimal bargaining range. Have you seen any posted forums that don't take a CPA to decipher? thanks
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