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  1. CNC99

    And another hemi with a tick…lifters or something else?

    As the title states I have a “tick.” I thought it was just the exhaust manifolds as they were cracked. While that did fix the obnoxious startup tick, this one has persisted. In any videos I have captured it is hard to hear clearly. But in person it is pretty easy to pickup. Even with my carven...
  2. R

    Leaking rear window in 2020 1500 laramie

    I don't spend time in the back seat of my crew cab because it's just me and my dog. I went back there today and found the carpet in the back is moldy. Sprayed the truck with water and a slow stream is coming down the back glass. No crack or anything. First appt at the dealer is March 1...my...

    2019 Rebel Suspension ISSUES. can barely handle the city streets these days

    First Post Here been reading through the forums for years now, they have helped me out everytime and I am very thankful for this community! I need to write all this down so I an articulate it easier. I have owned my truck for 2 years 9 moths and as much as I love the truck its been problem after...
  4. B

    Issues with 2019 Ram 1500 Limited "Bed Step"

    Is anyone having or had any issues with the OEM bed step that came as standard equipment on your 1500? When deploying the bed step a couple of weeks ago the entire unit shattered when it hit the open position. Took it to two dealerships and both told me it's not covered under warranty...
  5. chainsaw

    Warranty Mess off issues

    I ended up with the dreaded rear window leak, third brake light leak, and then my windshield was also found to be leaking. Total time at the dealership shop for these repairs was 2 weeks in July and then from 3 August until today (23 Sept). While it was there, had them look into the rear diff...
  6. L

    Steering wheel leather peeling, dealer says not warranty?

    The leather on one section of my steering wheel is peeling badly, see attached picture. Had it at a dealer today and they said it’s not a warranty item? Truck is still under basic warranty coverage. Has anyone else had this issue and could someone explain why this isn’t a warranty issue?
  7. A

    Broke truck...door panel, rattles, noise driving, tires shot after 39K. Lemon of a truck. Need to talk to RAM

    I have several issues here. Truck has been nothing but a nightmare. I've had y truck in the shop so many times from rattles (which they can never fix) to whistling at interstate speed (not fixed) my door panel is broke ( all the pins don't stick) and of course I only have 39,000 miles. How do...
  8. S

    Warranty Question

    Hey group, I had a question hopefully y’all can direct me to an answer. When I got my 21 ram bighorn about a month ago the finance guy said he would throw in a few extras at the end. I forgot what he called it but he said it covered wear and tear items. Here is what he said “ it covers Brake...
  9. LHarv

    Warranty or not to Warranty?

    Hey guys, My 19" Ram Limited is hitting that 3 year mark here in August. Currently it only has 35,000km or 21,000 miles. Just curious who has added warranty and didn't need it or if there is anyone out there has had so many dealer trips that it has already paid off the warranty? And the reasons...
  10. Jakmc25

    Dealer claim dodge won’t warranty paint issues

    I recently bought my first ram truck, it’s used but checked all the boxes I was looking for, Rambox, 3.92, LED lights, and Equipment 2 Package. These are surprisingly hard to find in my area (with or without the Rambox) While looking the truck over I noticed areas around the drivers side front...
  11. WOOOOODS13

    What will void my Warranty?

    I know this might be a really dumb question, but I have never bought a new vehicle or had one with any type of warranty before my 2020 Ram Bighorn I just bought back in December. I bought it from the dealer lifted, with aftermarket rims and tires and a few other things that they added that are...
  12. N

    Suspension bag burst after connecting 5th wheel

    We recently purchased a 2020 Ram 2500 and then purchased a 5th wheel camper. It’s GVWR is 10,000 lbs, well under what the Ram can handle, shortly after connecting the bag blew. The computer system says that weight was exceeded. Chrysler is claiming that it isn’t under warranty because we...
  13. A

    First time leasing. Looking for advice.

    Hey everyone so I have a 2019 ram 1500 that I leased a year and say 5 months ago. I was in deep with a Jeep GC that I had prior to this that had some serious issues with the motor. The dealer gave me a deal in a half on the trade in $4k over what I owed on the Jeep and I went shopping. I decided...
  14. F

    Valve body

    Guys I am wondering if anyone has had an issue like mine. I have a 2019 2500 10,000 miles on it and something happened with the transmission I have it in the shop and it has been done for 2 month just over actually. They say they can not get a valve body mine has been on order and they keep...
  15. ThisIsJamesReid

    Mishimoto Catch Can | Yes or No

    Hello all, I just purchased a 5th Gen Ram 1500 and purchased a Mishimoto Oil Catch can but haven’t installed it yet. I done a lot of reading in forums about manufacturers and dealer service depts voiding warranties by blaming issues on this aftermarket part. Any thoughts you can share about the...
  16. B

    2019 Ram Rebel: Transmission Issues

    Hello Ram Fam, I am about 11,000 miles into my 2019 Rebel (5.7 eTorque) and I have really loved it so far. HOWEVER, the transmission has (almost) never worked as I believe it should. I have put a lot of miles on cars with the ZF-8 transmission and believe it is undoubtedly the best automatic...
  17. Hdauceda157

    Transmission is ruined

    So I have a 2019 1500 Bighorn 4x4, and it only has 5500 miles. I already need a new transmission because mine is burnt up. Dealership says it’s not going to cover it under warranty because the truck is “abused”. In reality, the truck is just dirty, and thoughts on how to get this fixed under...
  18. S

    19' Ram 2500 Uconnect Problems

    Build date on truck is 2/19. Bighorn package 4- door with Uconnect, Wifi hot spot, navigation, 8.4 screen, 4x4, cummins, Alpine speakers. I currently have 7,050 miles on the truck and took possession of the vehicle 6 weeks ago. Screen originally froze on phone display screen, after parking for...
  19. B

    Leasing and modifying exhaust

    Hey guys! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, I ran a few keyword searches but came up dry. Like most of you, the exhaust on the Hemi is nice, but just not enough for me. I've had a Cobalt a 17 Ram V6 and now I finally have the HEMI, I want to hear the power! I leased my 19 Big Horn...
  20. klail

    Repairs Under Warranty

    This is kind of a bummer but thought I would put it out there just in case someone else runs into this. By no means is this a truck bashing post. I love my truck and everything about it. Would I buy it again? In a heartbeat. I knew prior to buying it that, like any first edition, there was a...